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General Hospital Jasam November 8, 2004

Sam is rushed to the OR. The baby dies and Jason holds her. Sonny breaks down in Jason’s arms. Jason begs Sam to live then the monitors start to go off. (Clips/Credit to NickyM96 of TH at Dominoes & Tequila)
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25 Responses to “General Hospital Jasam November 8, 2004”

  1. OmgSoapRocks says:

    JaSam is a super-couple they need to put them into the books they been through everything together they are my favorite super-couple ever!!!!!

  2. lilsushigirl says:

    When Sonny and Jason cry, you know it’s sad.

  3. frh1203 says:

    this is one of the best and saddest JaSam story lines ever. I absolutely love JaSam! I really do hope that Sam gets to raise a baby one day. and for the record, ugh, ugh, ugh to Liz’s stalking self sniffing around Jason during this crisis.

  4. SKA336 says:

    OMG that was such an emotional scene, poor Sonny and poor Sam and poor Jason.
    That song totally worked too.

  5. McGarvinStudios says:

    @hookedonsaxophonics Hey, you’re not alone, I’m starting to get pretty interested in this too :)

  6. BMStorey says:

    i ball like a lil baby every time i watch these clips
    please, let there be a jasam baby

  7. dudette2468 says:

    i hated alexis for this

  8. URDURR says:

    Oh man that was sad :’(

  9. lerochka77 says:

    why Liz was there in the first place? She was totally out of place in that scene. Not that she’s in place in any other Jasam scenes, but this was just WTF

  10. lerochka77 says:

    @cvirgos for some reason I didn’t believe Dr. Hardy. Why would he come out and right away say that nobody caused it? Then he knew Jason was blaming Alexis, so he decided to save Alexis because he was so fond of her.

  11. hookedonsaxophonics says:

    Is it odd that I’m a teenage boy and this is my favorite show?

  12. eternallove0 says:

    sad scene great acting,sonny and sam never saw thier daughter? only jason

  13. megagreendayfanatic says:

    this has got to be the sadest scene i have ever seen. especially when the song started to play then the fireworks started.

  14. lerochka77 says:

    .I just don’t get how there were no signs,and only after Alexis put her in that situation in church she collapsed.So to me,even if it was a problem with Sam’s placenta Alexis somehow caused it.Maybe because of so much stress,or maybe Dr. Webber just said that no one caused this,so Alexis would not be responsible,he was so fond of her, and for what she was going with Kristina.It’s not like she was bleeding for couple of days,it just happened in church

  15. sheisconceited says:

    i love Jason and Sam together i cant stand Elizabeth she seems to be obsessed with Jason,

  16. bajangirl01 says:

    I will always say that Sam AND Sonny should have held that baby.Sonny SHOULD HAVE held her and Jason COULD have put the baby on Sam’s chest AFTER she came out of surgery.Of course LIZ SHOULD NOT have been there lurking but what else is new when it comes to her?

  17. b8s8f says:

    steven said that it was spontanious to keep the peace. I still don’t think Sam and Alexis should have a relationship bc Alexis can be tied to alot of Sam’s pain and has and will always treat her like trash unless she needs something.

  18. lindawva says:

    everytime i watch this i could see in jason’s eyes how much he loves sam and the baby.Just so glad they have reunited them.

  19. casy23 says:

    they need to take it slowly or they’ll get hurt again.

  20. couturebabex33 says:

    i totally agree. There taking Jasam’s relationship so slowly. bring us a jasam baby already !!

  21. treneycheney says:

    This was such a sad episode for GH. I think they need to give Jason and Sam a baby of their own. I mean they take care of everyone elses why can’t they have one.

  22. mysterychich3 says:

    this is one of the best General hopital moments ever it is absolutely beautiful in every way….(why is liz there ughh)

  23. LadySingStarz says:

    i cried when the baby died. i was bawling my eyes out. i didnt even stop crying when the episode was over. i almost cried the whole day. bcuz it made me think of when my cousin who is 15 lost her baby.

  24. MTeresaJ80 says:

    One of the saddest days on GH….right up there with Stone’s death!

  25. bubblexgumxbabe3 says:

    Oh God… i started bawling when the doctor called Jason the father…

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