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General Hospital – Carly learns of Michael’s Death The episode where Carly thinks Michael is dead. Fantastic performance by Tamara Braun

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25 Responses to “General Hospital – Carly learns of Michael’s Death”

  1. alexiaashford says:

    how can this have 6 negatives??? O__O

  2. GHforever21 says:

    Amazing scene, Loved Sonny and Carly back then…they was great

  3. trinidreams1 says:

    Wow she was awesome in this clip. I like this Carly and the current Carly. They have been around for a whileeeee. But the Carly in between Tamara and Laura was weird.

    Jennifer Bransford is her name

  4. GossipG101 says:

    @pinkligers14 I agree. Think she was the best Carly too.

  5. thelaststop1983 says:

    Now that was some good acting..I think she was my favorite Carly..

  6. TKfan06 says:

    I miss Tamara so much!!

  7. lilmelobabii says:

    i missed this carly……

  8. GHiluv says:

    Wow i know Michael is alive but the scene is played so well ,if i remember correctly Tamara braun played carly here she was one of the best carly s i luv the current carly too

  9. heavenlyillusions says:

    this is the all time best carly gh has ever had…… they really should bring her back

  10. SheppardWeir says:

    love her as carly. I really like LW too though, she may yet perform just as well. she has it in her i think

  11. sneakymia1 says:

    she did a outstanding job in this scene, you can feel deep down her heartbreak

  12. G4Rat says:

    @vbplaya72007 Hel,l bring her back as Claudia haha. I think Laura is really great as Carly, but her range is nowhere near Tamara’s.

  13. SparklyCookies says:

    TB did so amazing. I miss her.

  14. vbplaya72007 says:

    I miss Tamera, I want her to come back even if its as a different character!

  15. punktinkerbell1988 says:

    I wish LW was Carly here she would have made this more emotional

  16. liachel08 says:

    ok so im watching this and listening to Sia Breath me and that sad song with this clip work so good can anyone actually make that a vid if so cool, let me no\know…thanks djvillain for posting this

  17. coolteen13 says:

    @xSayHiToTheBadGuyx esp since the recast couldnt act her way out of a paper bag I was so happy when LW came on

  18. TKfan06 says:

    Tamara was my absolute favorite Carly! However, I am definitely getting use to Laura Wright but I still miss Tamara from time to time!

  19. xSayHiToTheBadGuyx says:

    i loved this storyline. great acting by tamara. i was looking forward to seeing her reaction when she saw michael again but she got recasted which completed killed the moment with the new carly!

  20. lilsushigirl says:

    This is a better Carly then the one they have now.
    Tamara gave a great performance in this. I can’t even see Laura performing this as well as her.

  21. jenklove says:

    She was the BEST Carly by far!!

  22. Angelface11 says:

    omg what a heart breaking scene.. i love carly and sonny..

  23. buffyslayer30 says:

    so sad.

  24. jsp21198 says:

    LOVE Tamara Braun! she is a great actress

  25. texasgypsy23 says:

    I cry every freakin time i watch this!!

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