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General Hospital 9/22/11 Part 1/2

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “General Hospital 9/22/11 Part 1/2”

  1. queenofspades84 says:

    The music is so cute, during the Dante/Lulu scenes.

  2. TheSuburban78 says:

    Sam should of told Jason no and went her separate way.

  3. purpleforstcake says:

    Dante and Lulu are really meant to be. I hope they are able to get pass their ish and get married one day. Their wedding promises to be an event. The coming together of the Spencers/Corinthos family. An event I’m hoping Laura would attend.haha! Lulu needs her mama. Heck, the whole Spencer clan need Laura right now.

  4. MeltStuff says:

    They must be in the Asian Quarter. We haven’t seen such friendly Asians since Jade!

  5. rocktrim says:

    how about robyn in some spy stuff–loved her in that scneario

  6. rocktrim says:

    @Calflym uv forgotten the whole chinatown incident

  7. Irns53 says:

    I love the random Asians!

  8. Rozhe89 says:

    garin wolf i love you!

  9. fuhQsandwich says:

    DAM DAM DAAAAAAM…….francos back….just in time for the wedding….aaawwww shit

  10. sweetbea32 says:

    @Corimgn1982 as a Jason fan i agree with you, i hate how everyone is turning Sonny, if they have problems with Sonny they should with Jason, Johnny, but it seems the rules only apply ti Sonny.

  11. kane1352 says:

    GH writers need to come up with better storylines. Spice things up. Really lacking on the drama and intrigue. Don’t really seem like a soap anymore. What happened to lies, deception, secrets, corporate takeovers, u know real life shit. IJS

  12. madderthanever says:

    “… But then again, who hasn’t couple with Maxie?”

    Ooooh, the burn of truth! Gotta give that to Franco: he’s completely insane, but still tells it like it is.

  13. FrancoC077x says:

    @FrancoC077x it was laura in the pic and yes emily was kill’d there as well

  14. walkingmiracle says:

    2. I wonder who’s wandering around the Cassadine mansion.
    Dante’s lost his mind. I don’t know why he even bothers with Lulu.
    Maxie needs to chill out. She’s obviously not the person you want planning your wedding though, based on this performance.
    Poor Spinelli. Why couldn’t they bring him back whole? Without his computer skills a big part of him is missing.
    I can see why Patrick doesn’t want to go after what happened at Brenda and Sonny’s wedding.
    SO sick of AZ!!!!

  15. walkingmiracle says:

    Jason looked heart broken when he thought Sam didn’t want to marry him. I love how simple it is for him to calm Sam down. People are saying she’s annoying during the planning, but I think they did a pretty realistic job of her acting like a bride to be who doesn’t want over the top. She said simple, but no one is listening to her. It doesn’t fit Jasam for it to be over the top. The way it turns out definitely fits them. I agree, those boots are horrible.

  16. valsignia says:

    @walkingmiracle I hope it is not serious. I hope KS recovers soon. Thanks for the information. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  17. walkingmiracle says:

    @VinceNphilly I don’t usually agree with you since it’s obvious that we like different characters, but I was actually thinking the same thing about this one.

  18. walkingmiracle says:

    @valsignia There has been talk that she is sick. I heard that they are having to recast her for a short time so that she can recover. Not sure if that’s all true, but that’s what I heard. They did make it clear that she is DEFINITELY not leaving the show forever, just until she’s well. I don’t know what’s wrong, because it didn’t say.

  19. walkingmiracle says:

    @FrancoC077xThat’s where I thought that place was. I would love to know, too. Can you tell me who that picture is supposed to be? I was thinking Emily, but I’m probably wrong. Isn’t that the place where they had the black and white ball and Emily was killed? That may seem like a dumb question, but I wasn’t watching then and have just seen a few clips.

  20. walkingmiracle says:

    @Corimgn1982 This is just my opinion, but I don’t usually see Sonny as a monster. I don’t agree with his and/or Jason’s business. But lately, Sonny has been acting like a monster. The stuff with Jax and trying to throw Johnny off his balcony was insane. Since Brenda left he’s been hurting people right and left. In this instance, Jason has no blame because he hasn’t been a part of any of it. Even the stuff with Jax losing custody was all Sonny. Jason didn’t even know his plans. JMO though.

  21. helenbee99 says:

    yeahhhh Jamsam together finally im loving it

  22. MattsKickz89 says:

    dante is a idiot

  23. Corimgn1982 says:

    Ok can someone help me to understand why is it that EVERYONE is coming down on sonny and yet nobody says anything to jason?? SONNY is the BOSS he gives the order JASON is the ENFORCER he’s the trigger man yet nobody says that jason hurts people … I’m sick of the double standard … how Sonny is some kind of monster and yet Jason is the saint.. how does that work?

  24. queenofspades84 says:

    haha i like sam’s boots, tho i wouldn’t wear them exactly…

  25. grazzygirl5 says:

    lmfao franco: there go the happy couple! the non-couple!! the happy non non couple!!

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