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General Hospital 8/19/11 Part 1/two

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25 Responses to “General Hospital 8/19/11 Part 1/two”

  1. lyn11maddy says:

    @altha2008 Who??..O_o

  2. ilovemysoldier21 says:

    @ScrumptiousCupcake1 We might have a storyline with her dad coming up. Let’s hope for that. I miss her undercover work. But her fiances in the hospita, where else do you expect her to be? :P

  3. iysisrose says:

    /sky wore that in yesterday’s episode why is she so surprised Mr. Z knows what she’s wearing??

  4. TrueTalkTV says:

    lol, I love Epiphany!

  5. johnmarlena4ever says:


  6. altha2008 says:

    @ScrumptiousCupcake1 she was better on “port charles” but eventually ended up in the same role as the vampires girl friend

  7. Lil575 says:

    Siobahn loves Lucky so much, but I wish he loved her too. Its so sad. Elizabeth needs to stay out of it!!!!

  8. Lil575 says:

    @stevesremax I extremely very absolutly AGREE!!!!!!!!

  9. BehindTheHarleyShop says:

    I don’t know why but more recently I’ve been thinking Lulu is not good enought for Dante, I want him with someone new. I’m sort of over their relationship. It’s not an eternal love, at least not in my eyes.

  10. whiteshell1 says:

    @ScrumptiousCupcake1 The whole show is about the writer’s and/or the writer’s fault.

  11. alyahann says:

    QonOUTview I c their chemistry 2 :-)

  12. QonOUTview says:

    am I the only one that sees the chemistry with Matt and Liz?

  13. stevesremax says:


  14. jthrn says:

    Sam looks soo HOT!! I have a major girl crush on her!!!
    Skye looks real old, and why is she back??
    cant get over Sam, her hair/make up are gorgeous!!! love her!!

  15. ztorres1718 says:

    @jagh55 lol… Dante is trying to tell lulu what is bothering him n she just keeps bringing it back to lucky or he dad .. She’s very self centered… Mayb if she shut up n let him talk he would b able to tell her the truth about her brother using drugs again..

  16. StarStrukkGumby says:

    Sam looked amazing in the scenes. Just Wow. <3

  17. ScrumptiousCupcake1 says:

    @netteswain That’s what I want to know if only the damn writers would give her that storyline! I don’t get why Sam or Alexis never mentions him though its kinda stupid

  18. netteswain says:

    @ScrumptiousCupcake1 who is sam’s father?!

  19. Jagh55 says:

    @ztorres1718 Dante is…? xD lol I’m dying to know!!

  20. MsPinkstuff123 says:

    sam is soo frekkin annoying

  21. ReggieRegDC says:

    elizabeth is a stupid bitch… they need to kill her off..

  22. ztorres1718 says:

    I love love love all the GH men, but y do they wait so long for a hair cut.. Is the budget that bad.. I have a solution.. Get rid of shiabon or however u spell it.. Ethan looks good with his hair like that now give him like 3 more outfits n we good.. Lucky what’s up with that beard.. Patches r not cute. I know u trying to look older but damn.. Do a gotee or something .. N lulu my girl. U been getting on my nerves with this Luke crap. Now u on lucky’s balls. I know they family but damn. Dante is

  23. spamerhead says:

    the lulu & dante scene’s are getting boring !

  24. SKA336 says:

    Why does Lulu ALWAYS look confused!

  25. valsignia says:

    It is nice to see the writers spreading the wealth with the GH characters and stories. I am glad to see different characters other than the usual Jason/Sonny/Carly contingent.

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