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General Hospital 6-7-11 Component 1/3

credit and izzy fiction88
Video Rating: 5 / five

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25 Responses to “General Hospital 6-7-11 Component 1/3”

  1. antonyfamous says:

    @09SnowMonkey agreed

  2. Akintobi says:

    GH line: Call and leave a comment. TPTB listen to the comments

  3. MsCherry112 says:

    @09SnowMonkey ooohhhh is that why she hasn’t posted any. I was wondering. Thanks for the info = )

  4. 09SnowMonkey says:

    @98SuperStar ahhh :( i hope u know i was only kidding around =/ i left off the smiley face

  5. 98SuperStar says:

    @09SnowMonkey Well gee. Thanks for slumming it with us, then!!

  6. 09SnowMonkey says:

    well the quality isnt as great as SimplyGH but she’s on vacay so this will do

  7. dramagal19 says:

    @valsignia me too

  8. valsignia says:

    @dramagal19 I hope Ethan gets a new love interest and it better not be Kristina.

  9. valsignia says:

    @tigerbite01 Yeah, Ethan married Maya for money, but he said that he was starting to fall for her. Ethan is one of my favorite characters and I felt some sympathy for him, so sue me.:)

  10. wasntbad says:

    Ha jason is think of leaving for michael but not for his son when he was alive…smdh..these writers are soo wrong for tha..but idc cuz it would have mean jason and liz ill be together if he left…yeppy thank gosh. it didnt happen!!…jaSam foreva

    Maya is a fucking joke..1st she’s all up in ethan face for acting careless about the marriage and now the stupid bitch got him to care and she cheated on him!…i swear i would rbeat her ass up if i knew a chick that did that to my friend

  11. dramagal19 says:

    @tigerbite01 haha.not what i meant but ok :)

  12. tigerbite01 says:

    @dramagal19 omg LMAO ‘u still take my breath away” LOLLLLLSSS freakin corny

  13. tigerbite01 says:

    @valsignia for what lol they only married for money plus ethen always said he wasn’t the type to settle down so y not shag w/someone else.

  14. tigerbite01 says:

    yaaay quit jason!

  15. dramagal19 says:

    @valsignia yah his brother is married and his sister is getting busy with her bf. sucky

  16. dramagal19 says:

    ethan broke my heart

  17. ems298ss says:

    Whoever is with Myah needs to just leave and let them speak. How inconsiderate.

  18. jillsbfreckles says:

    blurry…darn. but still, thanks for posting! my regular channel hasn’t posted yesterday yet.

  19. paralegalsince2008 says:

    @gillyrosh your stupid for making such an assine response. stop hating if ur not a jasam fan

  20. czerepification says:

    She was boring anyway. Kristina is a dullard too. I’d rather see him with Maxie. Someone with some personality, some oomph.

  21. valsignia says:

    Poor Ethan.:(

  22. Dzapper says:

    Now Maya is free to go be one of Charlie’s Angels…I can’t wait to see her on the new show.

  23. DesdemonaXXdemona says:

    wiy hasnt any of the women that claim to love lucky told him yet that he has a son hello liz what r you waiting for maix!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jonashiaa says:

    i love the way he looks on gh today man hes fine

  25. gillyrosh says:

    Of course you don’t buy the comparison, Sam. You exist to kiss Jason’s ass!

    And Jason, you ARE a hypocrite. Also, you need to DIAF!

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