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General Hospital 35th Anniversary part 3

General Hospital’s 35th Anniversary Special part 3 features ( being interviewed and in flashbacks ) : Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer , Rena Sofer as Lois Cerullo , Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine , David Lewis as EdwardQuartermaine , Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine , Stuart Damon as Alan Quartermaine , Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe , Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton , Brad Maule as Tony Jones , Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer , Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine , Sarah Brown as Carly Benson , Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos , Vanessa Marcil as Brenda Barrett , Genie Francis as Laura Webber , Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer , Stephen Nichols as Stefan Cassadine , Peter Hansen as Lee Baldwin , Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones , John Stamos as Blackie Parrish , Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones , Shell Kepler as Amy Vining , Carly Schroeder as Serena Baldwin , John Beradino as Steve Hardy , Rachel Ames as Audrey Hardy , Emily McLaughlin as Jessie Brewer , Steve Burton as Jason Morgan , Denise Alexander as Lesley Webber , Jon Lindstrom as Kevin Collins , Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber , Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio , Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin , Chris Robinson as Rick Webber , Norma Connolly as Ruby Anderson , Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine , Finola Hughes as Anna Devane , Demi Moore as Jackie Templeton , John J. York as Mac Scorpio , Emma Samms as Holly Sutton , Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio , Ian Buchanan as Duke Lavery , Tonja Walker as Olivia Jerome

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19 Responses to “General Hospital 35th Anniversary part 3”

  1. blossomingbeauty says:

    hey in the 80s that General Hospital song came out. Are we supposed to have forgotten that? “Good girls don’t, Annie won’t and ya’ll all know what I mean.”

  2. Nikki279 says:

    The sound goes off @ 4:18.It goes back on @ 4:53. Anyone else having that problem?

  3. txnurselawlvn says:

    @missee09 Spitting image!

  4. fannyanne2 says:

    @lilfryxobaby88 well in his personal life was a tragety first of all he is a twin but wend he was a teenager is mother and father died in a car crash and he had to be raised by is grandmother so thats lot to deal with

  5. fannyanne2 says:

    @lilfryxobaby88 he sure does difficult

  6. fannyanne2 says:

    @landrykkb no way

  7. TrueTalkTV says:

    Oh shit! Look at Robert, COOL @ 1:01.

  8. queenienicole says:

    whenever I hear Herb Albert’s song I think of L&L…Genie Francis was (is) beautiful!

  9. Pinkranger87 says:

    Robin and Stone were Gh’s Romeo and Juliet in way

  10. Pinkranger87 says:

    I know Gh was it was amazing I just wish they bring more chararters on who are NOT sonny’s Kids my god im so sick of him and freakin, get that man snipped already

  11. landrykkb says:

    Lynn Herring(Lucy) is DAMN sexy!!!

  12. landrykkb says:

    Who’d have thought that Luke Spencer would go from callous rapist turned hero?

  13. missee09 says:

    its amazing how much julie marie berman (lulu) looks so much like genie francis (laura) when she was that age. that great casting!

  14. PhloeFanSince2000 says:

    I like Robin and Stone’s love story more than Robin and Jason’s

  15. Pinkranger87 says:

    you cant recreate the Disco rape story and turn into a love story it would never go now days

  16. bcfrns says:

    Lucy’s Nurses Balls sure were a spectacle !

  17. mwerner1020 says:

    God, I loved the 90′s GH! It really was must see TV!

  18. Court102606 says:

    I miss the nurses ball 87-99 were my favorite years

  19. lilfryxobaby88 says:

    kin seems a bit bitter in real life haha.

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