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General Hospital 35th Aniversary Special part 1

April 1998 – General Hospital’s 35th Anniversary Special part 1 features ( being interviewed and in flashbacks ) : Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer , Rena Sofer as Lois Cerullo , Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine , David Lewis as Edward Quartermaine , Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine , Stuart Damon as Alan Quartermaine , Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe , Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton , Brad Maule as Tony Jones , Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer , Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine , Sarah Brown as Carly Benson , Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos , Vanessa Marcil as Brenda Barrett , Genie Francis as Laura Webber , Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer , Stephen Nichols as Stefan Cassadine , Peter Hansen as Lee Baldwin , Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones , John Stamos as Blackie Parrish , Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones , Shell Kepler as Amy Vining , Carly Schroeder as Serena Baldwin , John Beradino as Steve Hardy , Rachel Ames as Audrey Hardy , Emily McLaughlin as Jessie Brewer , Steve Burton as Jason Morgan , Denise Alexander as Lesley Webber , Jon Lindstrom as Kevin Collins , Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber , Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio , Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin , Chris Robinson as Rick Webber , Norma Connolly as Ruby Anderson , Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine , Finola Hughes as Anna Devane , Demi Moore as Jackie Templeton , John J. York as Mac Scorpio , Emma Samms as Holly Sutton , Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio , Ian Buchanan as Duke Lavery , Tonja Walker as
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “General Hospital 35th Aniversary Special part 1”

  1. Messylin says:

    Loved the 90s GH theme – exciting, sexy and intimate. With the EastEnders theme, it could be the best soap opera theme of all time.

  2. txnurselawlvn says:

    Will always and FOREVER be my show!!!

  3. whiteshell1 says:

    Funny he says that the show has stayed the same as from the beginning but at this point it became the mob show and changed to this day.

  4. whiteshell1 says:

    What happened to this show???? It was so good back then! It was classic!

  5. heula1 says:

    I watched this show religiously for years… and haven’t seen an episode in about 2-3 years. They don’t write them like they used to… Where are the Labines when you need ‘em?

  6. fff1313 says:

    @Incandesent I totally agree! Guza ruined this great show!

  7. lslrjpda says:

    love it love it

  8. NorthmansChick says:

    Tony Geary looks great in this video!

  9. miggy25 says:

    @Incandesent so very true…when Laura said how wonderful it was that GH “honors their own history” I had to cringe when thinking of how the last several years they’ve done nothing but crap on their own history…..the ’90′s really were the last days of vintage GH storytelling with wonderful characters and stories centered around issues and relationships the viewer cared about and that were developed organically on-screen

  10. GenXorcist1976 says:

    I could not agree with you more… it sucks that really ALL the ABC soaps were at a creative peak during the mid-90s when I was in college and was SUPPOSED to be 100% focused on my degree… LOL! Anyway, from the “Loving” Murders to AMC’s Tad coming back from the dead, Janet vs. Natalie, OLTL’s Todd vs. Marty, Max/Luna/Blair, Viki’s personalities… WOW, those were the days!!!! Oh, and the aforementioned GH good stuff!

  11. yassebasse86 says:

    I can’t believe what a crapfest GH has become for the past couple of years. Thanks a lot, Guza. Why he hasn’t been fired YEARS ago astonishes me.

  12. waltnolfa says:

    Wow!! GH was black and White… lol They’ve been on forvever!

  13. landrykkb says:

    I watched General Hospital through most of ’93 and that was an ensemble cast back then;even better than the current one!

  14. AnotherDamagedScene says:

    Makes me sentimental.

  15. lillady623 says:

    i agree. GH really went downhill after that s/l

  16. sweetrose1290 says:

    the 90s were the last great decade of gh. now it’s complete crap! they ruined the show when they “killed” lucky off. then all of a sudden he is back and brainwashed – what the hell has this show come to?

  17. NightScape18 says:

    The 90′s were definitely the “last great decade” for General Hospital, if not the BEST era.

    Back then you had, “Stone’s AIDS”,
    “BJ’s heart,” “Sonny & Brenda”, “the original LUCKY Spencer”, “Elizabeth’s Rape”, etc….those were the days man!!!

  18. Incandesent says:

    Hurts when laura says “GH honors their own history” Well not anymore, thanks to guza’s character assasinations (so to speak) and ripping up gh for assss wipe…the show is no longer the same. Looong live the days of old!

  19. PhloeFanSince2000 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this

  20. haleyification says:

    i think Kimberly as Robyn Scorpio was the best kid of the show in the 80′s and 90′s

  21. Pinkranger87 says:

    Steve Hardy will always be general hospital

  22. kingovharts says:

    I agree with the current state of the show. This show had such a great history and characters and it has all been disrespected and ruined by current writers. They just dont understand the iconic characters enough to relate to them anymore.

  23. stonecoldjason says:

    least luke better with that hair cut off not crazy looking

  24. miggy25 says:

    love that intro music–it was truly the best in GH history…a shame they couldn’t do anything for the 45th anniversary like they did for the 35th

  25. GlowInTheDark707 says:

    I totally agree with you. The show has sucked for years now. The late 90′s were probably the last great years for the soap.

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