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General Hospital

Vanessa Marcil sprains her ankle!
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “General Hospital”

  1. LLBeana says:

    VM is stunning. The camera loves her.

  2. ladyluck538 says:

    @BlondAng I agree!!

  3. chakotay24 says:

    @blueeyes205 na na get her back on Vegas

  4. BlondAng says:

    Love her! She is so gorgeous and sexy here Can’t believe GH messed this return up so bad.Want the Real Brenda back!

  5. soccermom0134 says:

    To stupid writer, Guza, Do something right, put them together!!!!!! Did u notice how many views the old S & B storyline got thousand of views, not the new story, so dumb1.Dante didn’t know sonny was his dad 2.he only knew brenda for2 weeks 3.sonny &brenda were2gether 4ever 5.who cares who she slept w/ she wasn’t w/ sonny 6.What is the big deal and secret, not like brenda cheated on Sonny w/ Dante7.The hot Dante is now a stupid lier no one wants to watch! Kill of John and Olivia, but Clair/Lisa?

  6. lakeside321 says:

    @ShandeeLuvsUChris Because being latin isn’t a race.It’s cultural and lingustics.If latinos are mixed you’ll get some that are blonde and blue eyed then there are black latinos.Vanessa marcil considers herself white.

  7. TheStudent72 says:

    i LOVE her boots and how she peeled her sock off! VERY SEXY!

  8. genabet123 says:

    @KendallHartz Sorry for offending you

  9. KendallHartz says:

    @genabet123 I don’t agree with your use of the word “faggot”. >:(

  10. TylerWallake says:

    @blueeyes205 haha no problem :D I can’t wait.

  11. blueeyes205 says:

    @TylerWallake I can’t believe that’s only 8 days away. Thanks!

  12. TylerWallake says:

    @blueeyes205 Good news for you. I hope your two years of waiting is paid off. Shes back August 11.

  13. Scottshadow216 says:

    love her!

  14. Scottshadow216 says:

    Vanessa Marcil is soooooooooooo beautiful! I’d kiss her sprain ankle to make it better!

  15. lslrjpda says:

    love this

  16. ShandeeLuvsUChris says:

    ….lenses for her role in Angel Eyes, along with a white sister!!! I know that the media thinks only attractive people belong on tv and since society thinks only white people are beautiful, they want all people on tv white or pretending to be. I say if you want whites only on tv, being blatantly obvious with your racism and stop hiring Hispanics for white roles. Just hire white people!

  17. ShandeeLuvsUChris says:

    Vanessa’s mom is Portuguese, French & Italian. Her dad is full Mexican. Jessica Alba’s mom is Danish & French Canadian and her dad is full Mexican. Joanna Garcia is full Cuban. Cameron Diaz has a mom & Cuban dad. Alexis Bledel has a Mexican mom & Danish dad. Freddie Prinze has a English, Italian, Irish, Native American mother & Puerto Rican/Hungarian father. Even Jennifer Lopez, who never fails to remind us how Puerto Rican she is, is given white surnames in her roles & was given contact…..

  18. ShandeeLuvsUChris says:

    How come whenever someone is half white and half Latino, they always make them white on TV??? Vanessa Marcil is clearly NOT a white girl, so why is her name on GH “Brenda Barrett” and why did they pair her with that blonde haired, blue-eyed sister??? Just like Maurice Benard, who is half Nicaraguan and half Salvadoran (full Hispanic), why did they give him a white dad, make him half Greek and have blonde-blue eyed Courtney as his sister??? Can Latinos be represented as such on TV too??? Jeez.

  19. blueeyes205 says:

    @rachel7036 Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking out for her return. AUGUST 11… THANKS AGAIN.

  20. rachel7036 says:

    @blueeyes205 She’s coming back on August 11..

  21. animefan419 says:

    Does not show much

  22. annie24ism says:

    @dannysallstarjoint August 10 th or 11th.

  23. moonitelady says:

    such a natural

  24. Vamply says:

    @dannysallstarjoint She comes back August 11th.

  25. artty132 says:

    i still can’t believe shes 41!

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