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General Hospital (1963-2008): Oh How The Years Go By

I’ve usually wanted to do a “by means of the years” mvid to General Hospital, and I’m so pleased I did one, it was a lot of fun, and I got to relive a lot of awesome past clips. This mvid is dedicated to anyone who still has hope for General Hospital’s future, GH has had so a lot of fantastic moments over the years and I hope I did my preferred soap justice. Please keep in mind that this is MY video, which means I created it the way I wanted to make it. Telling me I should have included…..this…or….that is irrelevant. Unfortunately this was only a 5 minute song, so I didn’t get to consist of every thing I wanted to. Also I couldn’t locate all the clips I wanted to find and there are certainly gaps in GH’s history (primarily the 70s…and I’m so sorry for that). This mvid would not be feasible without the support of Gaby, so thank you soooo a lot for answering all my pesky questions! LOL Clip Credit: Addiecate007, poolless, cherylw07, mediacrow, CaziGirl, gagrl775, envious01, liasonlove77, Carmaker1, laddie64, ghfan71, tombinorway, CDIVB0106, grhdanny, MmeHazel, pxlbarrel, Lainey4snb, butterygoodness, lukeenlaurafan77, mandybear70, GirlNext111, Lori from HellaGood, Specific Hospital, Love Shouldn’t Be Secure, and Something-much And of course, any person else I forgot! NO Copyright Infringement Intended. Just a fan video. ***Holy cow, I can’t believe there is more than 109000 views on my vid! Thanks so much for watching guys! My video is so well-liked YT provided to pay me for it…lol. I’m not going to
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25 Responses to “General Hospital (1963-2008): Oh How The Years Go By”

  1. PrinceshRena says:

    I don’t usually comment on videos.. however I LOVE this video.. it’s amazing and I LOVE all the couples in it esp. Brenda/Sonny and Jason/Liz… they are epic and beautiful and I absolutely Loved the way you portrayed each and every couple that mattered in GH after so many years =)

  2. mssimplyprecious says:

    Anna was pointing her gun at Olivia St. John/Jermone because she found out Olivia was trying to kill her husband Duke-which ulimately caused her to miscarry her baby that she was having with Duke.

  3. Pinkranger87 says:

    If i was the writer of Gh I wouldnt give a Jasam A baby so soon I mean Jason really hasnt greived through Jake’s death properly I think that would be a better storyline seeing how he would Process that

  4. armaa1000 says:

    great vid
    i wish i was there to see the very first part of gh

  5. MickeyMouse07079 says:

    This is absolutely exquisite. GH is my all time favorite TV show. I have been watching GH for over 33 years now. This brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you so very much for making and sharing this with all GH fans.

  6. CMoneyFickyFicky says:

    Help keep GH alive! Go to:

  7. CMoneyFickyFicky says:

    Help keep GH alive! Go to:

  8. LeytonBrax says:

    This an absolutely terrific tribute to GH. I love this mvid and have watched it countless times. I’ve also shared with all who will listen:) Bravo! and thanks for sharing!

  9. katjamendez says:

    GREAT MVID… love your selection of the “timeless” couples :) ))

  10. knobylob says:

    @RainbowMOO1 no, this is the original version by amy grant.

  11. tangled55 says:

    Who was that woman that Anna Devane pointed a gun at @ 2:09? The blonde woman?

  12. clkhp says:

    Great video!! If only GH could be this good again!!

  13. MegaVergan says:

    Years certainly do go by

  14. mswillow says:

    Beautiful.I loved it.

  15. lashaye24 says:

    @Starrgirlfish Beautiful video! But no Wards? They’re important to GH history IMO. It would have been nice to see Keesha/Jason and Nik/Gia as well. But as you said, it’s a fan video. :)

  16. Starrgirlfish says:

    @Lisawrit I didn’t have any R&H clips (I think they are great) so I couldn’t include them. This is a fan video, which by definition means I as a fan made a video to GH based on my thoughts, feelings and experiences. It wasn’t meant to be subjective–because that’s impossible, everyone disagrees as to who is important. I am a person (who actually made this FAN video) that didn’t include Sam because the character doesn’t mesh with my experience/love for GH. Sorry you hold a different opinion.

  17. Lisawrit says:

    Not only are JaSam a very important couple that’s missing (those scenes when she lost her baby are epic), but Robert and Holly, to me, had far more chemistry than Anna and Robert could even imagine. Plus, the actors dated each other in real life. You really must add more Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms! Heather and Noah Drake are also important characters missing here.
    SAM is an independent woman in her own right, not a Brenda clone.

  18. RainbowMOO1 says:

    @brandymckain22 “Oh How the Years Go By” by Vanessa Williams.

  19. brandymckain22 says:

    who sings this

  20. PrinceshRena says:

    i love this video and all the couples in it… absolutely perfect <3

  21. liasonBFF says:

    Now THAT’S a show I would watch! Dangit I can feel tears coming to my eyes. <3 Such a beautiful job representing a once beautiful show, good times and bad. I so want to go back and watch every single one of those storylines right now. lol I kinda wish I could from day 1. I think GH would make a buttload of money if they sold DVDs from the beginning on.

  22. Liberty090102 says:

    Loved it!!! Thank~you!!!

  23. pretk556 says:

    @OmgSoapRocks thats what im saying!!! i hate her and i know same people probably feel the same about sam 4 some reason but as much as i hate same Liz i know shes one of the main characters and with all the years shes been on GH @Starrgirlfish said she doesnt find sams character important to GH dont get me wrong i know this is her video and im not saying she should have included Sam but its not right 4 her to say that Sams character is not important on GH.

  24. MegaVergan says:

    nice video! very interesting!

  25. neetrab says:

    @Machelle3200 – “GH really sucks now…i can’t even´╗┐ watch it..they’ve killed off all the historical characters…it doesn’t even make sense…but i guess it’s a paycheck for somebody….lol” – again I agree!! I felt like I had to learn everybody’s name when I started watching again. It was sad. I’m glad they got brenda back and they are SUPPOSEDLY bringing S&B fans the wedding they’ve been waiting for for about 15 years.. but you know… guza (the headwriter) will probably mess it up…

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