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General Hospital (1963-2008): Oh How The Years Go By

I’ve always wanted to do a “through the years” mvid to General Hospital, and I’m so happy I did one, it was a lot of fun, and I got to relive a lot of awesome past clips. This mvid is dedicated to anyone who still has hope for General Hospital’s future, GH has had so many great moments over the years and I hope I did my favorite soap justice. Please keep in mind that this is MY video, which means I made it the way I wanted to make it. Telling me I should have included…..this…or….that is irrelevant. Unfortunately this was only a 5 minute song, so I didn’t get to include everything I wanted to. Also I couldn’t find all the clips I wanted to find and there are definitely gaps in GH’s history (mainly the 70s…and I’m so sorry for that). This mvid would not be possible without the help of Gaby, so thank you soooo much for answering all my pesky questions! LOL Clip Credit: Addiecate007, poolless, cherylw07, mediacrow, CaziGirl, gagrl775, envious01, liasonlove77, Carmaker1, laddie64, ghfan71, tombinorway, CDIVB0106, grhdanny, MmeHazel, pxlbarrel, Lainey4snb, butterygoodness, lukeenlaurafan77, mandybear70, GirlNext111, Lori from HellaGood, Specific Hospital, Love Shouldn’t Be Safe, and And of course, anyone else I forgot! NO Copyright Infringement Intended. Just a fan video. ***Holy cow, I can’t believe there is more than 109000 views on my vid! Thanks so much for watching guys! My video is so popular YT offered to pay me for it…lol. I’m not going to
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25 Responses to “General Hospital (1963-2008): Oh How The Years Go By”

  1. rockoutkitty1675 says:

    The GH today seems to revolve souly around Sonny. I’m a nube when it comes to this show (I’m only 17!) so I wish I could have seen it back when there seemed to be other characters and story plots on the show xP

  2. xxSearchForLoving says:

    The best GH video I have ever seen, but where is NEm and Natalia Livingston?

  3. ZenCyn says:

    Making a montage like this takes sooo much time & dedication, and Hello People–the creator of this video gets to make it the way he/she likes, and we are lucky it is being shared with us. Thank you so much for bringing back so many wonderful moments & memories. I’m afraid there won’t be any afternoon soaps left on tv soon, at the rate they are being canceled. Thank you again, this is very special.

  4. superstargonnabe says:

    its a great video

    but you seem to have left out a few characters. like for some reason you have tons of maxie as a child yet none as a adult. theres none of sam r lulu or alexis …

  5. larkyn11 says:

    this was a great video but i couldn’t help rofl when it showe dedward in a leather jacket

  6. clase406marcela1 says:

    plzzz make another one!

  7. RetroForMe says:

    you did a great job of putting happy moments as well as sad ones, and not making your tibute have only happy moments or only sad moments.

  8. smileygrl066 says:

    i totally agree with you BMStorey!!!! Couldn’t have said it better. As a long time GH fan, I feel the exact same way. This highlights the golden times.

  9. 1964nickel says:

    Excellent vid. My mom started watching GH when she was pregnant with me, and as the name implies, I was born in 1964, when i started watching myself in 1976, I was fortunate to have someone there to tell me about GH history, the old stuff. Steve and Audrey first and second weddinig, Lee and Gail, Lee and whatever Scotty’s mom’s name was, it escapes me at the moment. How both Scotty and Laura were adopted by their fathers (Lee and Rick). Jessie Brewer and Lee almost marrying, I could go on and on

  10. wings18 says:

    @Starrgirlfish I agree with you. I never found Sam to be important to the show.

  11. MissLala8300 says:

    Great job! Brought back many memories. Felt like visiting old friends.

  12. Katlj67 says:

    @kylas124 I’m going to state a fact that even Jasam fans can’t deny. Liason has been a huge part of GH history for almost 11 years. I love this video. IMO the best of GH was covered.

  13. MrsLukesotherlaura says:

    Luke and Laura will always be the best. All this Tracy crap still doesn’t float with me. They are funny and have good chemistry, but no luke and laura, never.

  14. Starrgirlfish says:

    @BMStorey Unfortunately for some…no. I see Sam as one of Guza’s tried reincarnations of Brenda (a Brendabot)….hence when she first came on the show she was immediately thrown inbetween Sonny/Jax. Mostly I’ve never seen her as having her own identity. I don’t connect with the character, and I don’t think she’s made an impact on the show. But that’s just my completely subjective opinion, I’m quite certain that many others feel differently. But thank you, I’m glad you loved the video!

  15. BMStorey says:

    @Starrgirlfish – loved the video, think you did a fatastic job!!! but curious why you say Sam isn’t important to GH history?!? Sam’s baby dying and saving Kristina, Manny Ruiz, Jason’s memory loss, all their Bonnie n Clyde adventures – you don’t find any of this important???

  16. williamssierra67 says:

    i miss all the quartermaines:(

  17. annie24ism says:

    @udhoop I would like to see them in one also.

  18. Twilightbabii28 says:

    That was really good only disappointed that I saw no Shawn and Tiffany, but otherwise, very enjoyable

  19. udhoop says:

    How come no one ever includes Sean and Tiffany in their Oh How The Years Go By video?

  20. gotch09 says:

    I remember my grandmother watched this religiously. In the very early sixties, it was in black and white, and can you believe it was only 15 minutes, and it wasn’t taped. I remember one of the couple were Steve and Audrey. Audrey had a older sister but I don’t remember her name. Then there was Peter (I think) who was alcoholic and who had a son named Scotty.

  21. jazzminsaidwhat says:

    no nikolas or sam for some reason

  22. cowgirl0197 says:

    @TrueTalkTV It was Nikolas and Lucky in ’98 when Nik tells Lucky that Luke raped their mother

  23. cowgirl0197 says:

    It was Nikolas and Lucky in ’98 when Nik tells Lucky that Luke raped their mother

  24. marioman1983 says:

    it would be better if it was actually in chronological order..

  25. MegaTyler98 says:

    I am truly, TRULY moved right now!!!!! There is so much garbage on YouTube. But this, my friend, is true beauty!!!! You did an excellent job…..the song and the editing are great and it’s so good to see some of those old clips. You’re the kind of user that YouTube was truly made for. I am so excited about this!!!!

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