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General Hospital 03/21/11 Part 1/2

*cries eyes out* :-(
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25 Responses to “General Hospital 03/21/11 Part 1/2”

  1. xyzizzle says:

    Liz and Lucky need to get back together pronto. Especially since Aiden is Lucky’s son so now they have another tie. Not to mention since they have rethought letting Becky go from her contract and she’s staying on as Elizabeth.

  2. CMoneyFickyFicky says:

    Help keep GH alive! Go to

  3. porklab says:

    @tommy83080 I never said that it was funny that a child dies. I was responding to someone else that said something about Sonny and she was being sarcastic. Never once did I say it was funny that a child dies. And serioulsy, we were talking about the who done it peice of the story not about a child that die. ANd honestly, Jake is not the only child that has died on a soap or any other TV show.

  4. tommy83080 says:

    @porklab u think that its funny, i realize that its just a soap, but what kind of low life piece of shit thinks that its funny that a child dies

  5. rasta487 says:

    I can’t imagine the point of this s/l. There was so much potential for Jake/Jason. I think the writers want the viewers to abandon ship. Jason already has such a heavy existence. The only good thing that can come of this is Sam having a baby with him. It has literally become a chore to watch GH. I’ve been waiting for something to happen (right) for the last 6 months & nothing. Why do they keep killing everybody off? Cant people just leave town.

  6. leyashort11 says:

    first time i see jason cry and poor jake rip he was just a little kid.

  7. alisha308 says:

    Liz’s children were getting too complicated, 3 young boys by 3 different fathers. It was only a matter of time before the writers got rid of one. I can’t believe they’d really kill a child off like that though and it’s a heartbreaking storyline. I’ve seen people suggesting that this is an elaborate Franco plan and he kidnapped Jake. I doubt that’s true, but it would be nice if it was.

  8. MarcfromTreasureNet1 says:

    @max24ist You will always live in your mommys basemnet- you will always be a virgin- you are A GIGANTIC FAGGOT.

  9. 50patrice says:

    @rtmills1504 read my comment again. someone may have called you names, but I did not. re-read your comments to me…1st you say that Sam’s good actions don’t erase her bad actions, but then, 2nd you say “I blame the writers for allowing Lucky and Nik to move on´╗┐ after making Liz’s life difficult and then blaming her for everything. Lucky was blind and wouldn’t listen to her and Nik wanted what he wanted and didn’t help matters.” 3rd you may have mis-read FCOL. stands for “for cryin out loud”:)

  10. rtmills1504 says:

    @50patrice Maybe you should read the fact that you are telling me it a soap and not call me names. I have not attacked anyone on here and we are all allowed our opinions. I appreciate if you are going to comment to do so on the show not personally at me. I am a grown up and treat everyone as such on here. I understand Sam has owned up to her mistakes but so has Liz. My issue is not with what the characters do it is with all the nasty comments and history rewrittins some Sam fans do.

  11. 50patrice says:

    @rtmills1504 What the hell is up with you? Sam gets to shoulder all the blame for the things she’s done, but when it comes to Liz, it’s all about the WRITERS…?! Are you freaking kidding me? IT’S A FREAKIN SOAP OPERA…FCOL…IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE WRITERS!!!

  12. tarynbp523 says:

    i hate the writers for killing jake theres no point to it accept to destroy everyone of all of liz’s kids jake was the one with the best story the one everybody wanted to see grow up and deal with the jason/lucky thing and see how he turned out and now they just took all that away just to shake things up its disgusting

  13. TheOnly1tonid says:

    @TheOnly1tonid Although now that I think about it that can also be bad for others…

  14. TheOnly1tonid says:

    @50patrice Well said!!

  15. TheOnly1tonid says:

    Now Michael gets to see just how determined and focused Carly gets as a mom in crisis mode… Carly handles a crisis better than anyone. She doesn’t let anything distract her focus.

  16. loneshark2451 says:

    why the hell couldnt they keep jake on the show i mean jason would’ve eventually got out of the mob and been apart of his life damn whoever ran jake over to die they deserve whatever they get.

  17. generalloonatic85 says:

    Why the hell would they kill that baby off?! If they’re gonna kill anyone off it should’ve been Kristina!

  18. bcfrns says:

    I love my GH, been watching for many years but some things bug me that the writers or producers don’t take into account. 1. There’s no way the hospital would have a window by the operating room so loved ones could just stand by and watch an operation in progress. 2. Sonny’s been shot before in the chest, so has Dante, yet when they have scenes lying in bed with their significant others, do we see scars from the bullet wounds? No! I guess they think us fans forget these things-well, we don’t.

  19. jenbanter says:

    @porklab oops yes lisa not liz. can’t wait until tomorrow!

  20. jenbanter says:

    Respond to this video…
    I wish he would live so I could ask him what possessed him to get up, open the door, and run in front of a car. Or did he just stand in front of a moving vehicle. Either way, makes no sense that he did that. Did he hear the ice cream man? Now, that I would understand.

  21. jenbanter says:

    @rtmills1504 I think they deliberately had her at home, with the kids playing, and diapers being changed, and mail being read to show that accidents happen. I can’t stand her character, however, she was checking the mail. She was NOT watching a 2 hour movie with the sound up. She was not napping with the oven on. She was standing a few feet away reading the mail. How did she not hear the door? I don’t know. She wasn’t expecting it. Why the heck did that crazy kid open the door and run?

  22. jenbanter says:

    @mrsleslyn yes, but she is more observant than Dante. Besides, some think she did it.

  23. jenbanter says:

    @GenesisAvalon + Jason can sneak into any situation and blend in.

  24. jenbanter says:

    @theravensnest66 I have been reliving the bus accident with BJ and everything you just said also. That s/l still gets to me!

  25. porklab says:

    @jenbanter LOl Its so funny now, cuz I keep going back and forth really. LOl Robin, no Luke, No Robin.. I dont think its Lisa, cuz its to obvious, but then so is Carly. LOl this is crazy, I just wish they would say it already. I think we find out tomorrow. IDK. The spoilers say that, but the spoilers I think are wrong or not updated because Liz is no longer leaving. I think they changed the story a bit. I dont think it was Lisa either at this point. (you did mean lisa right).

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