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Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974

Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974. Great Interview, bad quality!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974”

  1. romeokid69 says:

    @marchofthehaymaker Dude, get over yourself. They ALL lived their characters back then because they wanted that mystique to be there, to make people believe that they were beyond human. It was part of the show. It’s not like that anymore and quite honestly, that sucks. Would rather have had Gene remain this way. But all is well and people need to STOP TAKING THIS SO SERIOUSLY!!!!! They wanted it to be fun and it still is. GET OVER IT!!!!!

  2. romeokid69 says:

    @ItrolledYou You Cant Hide The Hook? It means that Jewish people are famous for having large noses. Gene is certainly no different.

  3. ItrolledYou says:


    Thanks a lot. :-)

  4. ItrolledYou says:

    @SandGs72 what does she mean by that?

  5. tonyfrombalt says:

    “you can’t hide the hook” LMAO!!!

  6. mrdavidsmith383 says:

    There he is, all menacing and trying to be terrifying, and he ends up sitting next to Totie Fields, who was probably just like every one of his mom’s friends, and she spots the vaudeville schtick from a mile away.

  7. Srhandel says:

    They had VCRs back in 1974? How did you record this interview?

  8. LakotaFTW says:

    @montecarlostar If you can find some early pictures of Gene like 73 74 and a profile shot while he’s making some of the faces he made you can see a hump or like a knot about middle ways of it. I guess that’s why she said it. Some of the early concerts shots while he’s singing you can see it.

  9. montecarlostar says:

    @Warchief01 but why did she say that? gene doesn’t even have a hook nose

  10. Warchief01 says:

    @montecarlostar Why is she racists. She was a jew also. That’s why she made the comment on the shape of his nose. Take a good look at hers.

  11. Warchief01 says:

    It took a lot of ass for Gene to stay in character as hard as the audience was laughing.

  12. salamonetalton says:

    @montecarlostar go fuck yourself! if the lady wanted to say it let her say it! who gave you the right to judge? little bastard.go back and watch oprah or dr phil damn ragstad cunt!

  13. deweypug says:

    What an idiot… really, what an idiot.

  14. vetegrodd says:

    HAHAHA I think he actually did very well! He does feel like a bat or something, but still a kind one. And with that tongue it must have been a priceless combination for the women! Even the old lady who probably fantasized about him secretly afterwards

  15. ConfessionsPew says:

    Yes he makes the most out of all them people, so he is the best person (sarcastic tone). Still, a fart on him

  16. 88jjdecay says:

    Now he prob makes more money then all four of those people combined! lmao Whos laughing now????????

  17. Prankcall12 says:

    That old woman is so dead…

  18. montecarlostar says:

    @philquinton yes that racist cunt must have her head cut off

  19. montecarlostar says:

    gene is lame… all he can do is think about money, he can’t do any acting, this is embarrasing!!

    btw his voice sounds a bit like bono lol

  20. Depletethestate says:

    @LanceCampeau haha man that response is riddled with contradiction “its full blast” but “quiet is the new loud”?? i kinda like that but wtf i say the same evils are at work now we have 100s of channels at our disposal if tv was bland i don’t see your point but what fascinates me is the tv and pop cult. figures and shows in the context of that time in history and you saw it simultaneously in that context today your demographic isn’t on the minds of most corporate feeders

  21. LanceCampeau says:


    You have completely missed the point… today’s TV is 1000 times WORSE then TV of yesterday… real or not… TV 30 or 40 years ago was watered down and bland by today’s standards….

    over sexed, over violent…. nothing at low… its always FULL blast…

    Quiet is the new loud.

  22. Depletethestate says:

    @LanceCampeau i got news for you tv was as commercialized as ever back then maybe you were to young to realize it or maybe you just can’t see past your own adoration of phony tv hosts and entertainers of your generation but today its the same old bullshit as it was back then. got it? want life actually happening? no matter what time in history you don’t look at the TV for it

  23. LanceCampeau says:

    its a fact that everyone under 30 will never know truly live television… the way life actually happened….

    TV today is a complete joke.

    A sickening display of commercialism run amok… these kids will never know what hit em’

    Thank god I’m not 18.

  24. Adaleha says:

    I agree:)

  25. watmotjekut says:

    @SandGs72 yeah haha
    hear that guy screaming of laugh when she said that

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