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Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974

Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974. Wonderful Interview, poor top quality!
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Gene Simmons on the Mike Douglas Show 1974”

  1. Novelboy2112 says:

    @sherkhan17 Or not! He’s against that stealing stuff!

  2. SELFproclaimedVIRGIN says:


  3. TheRevengeOfMoth says:

    @mrianmark $10-15 for blurry, grainy photos of KISS? You must be related to Gene Simmons!

  4. mrianmark says:

    I photographed Kiss in 74 and 77. To see the shots go to 70srockphotos (.com)

  5. TheSRalston says:

    Ha haaa, cheesy but good. Damn, how old was Gene here? looks like a damn kid!

  6. TheSRalston says:

    @TheRevengeOfMoth well, maybe if they did Ace would had stolen the show, just as he did year later…”No, I´m a plumber…HUA HUA HUAA!!”

  7. Darrylizer1 says:

    Wow, very early

  8. TheRevengeOfMoth says:

    A classic! But the part where Gene hisses at the crowd is almost embarrassing! Too bad the entire band wasn’t allowed to appear in the interview segment.

  9. 14DaveHunter says:

    Gene is a skinny as a scarecrow.

  10. izzed5150 says:

    Fuck that bitch he makes more than her in one day than she will ever make

  11. mrmott44 says:

    Gene Simmons was born Chaim Weitz

  12. mrmott44 says:

    @Honeydoole So is Stanley Paul, and everyone who did not die in the Grateful Dead

  13. KISSFANATIC4EVER2000 says:

    @GINGERALER She was referring to the shape of Gene’s nose.

  14. sparkles13 says:

    wonder what became of those contest winners

  15. Honeydoole says:


  16. JohnnyRock2000 says:

    Jew-dar. She spotted him. Jews can spot each other from across a room, regardless.

  17. plastercaster95 says:

    - Are you a bat?
    - Yessss)

    Gene is really cool here)

  18. WoWHeroin says:

    LOL he’s great

  19. austinfailz says:

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if under all this he was just a nice jewish boy?”

    -slyly-”You should only know.”

    Lol, I wonder if she really knew that or just made a REAL lucky guess.

  20. TheDaltonator1234 says:

    @greatgazu justin bieber is a fag

  21. GINGERALER says:

    “Ya can’t hide the hook” ….you tell em honey!

  22. whysoblutube says:

    @UrukHai659 Mike passed away in 2006 and Tote Fields died like 4 years after that appearance.

  23. kloppskalli says:

    so retarded.. ridiculous .. bored .. expected much more

  24. greatgazu says:

    @domnal Ya kinda reminds me of Justin Bieber ,like it or not he seems to entertain millions ,the only difference between him and kiss is JB is more rock n roll.LMAO>>>>>>Kiss Sucks

  25. mickys411 says:

    Very Young
    Very Skinny Gene

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