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Gene Rayburn on Homeless Squares hosted By Howard Stern

Warning, if you are easily offended, don’t watch.
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25 Responses to “Gene Rayburn on Homeless Squares hosted By Howard Stern”

  1. tpir1972 says:

    Is that Gene’s last appearance before he died?

  2. mediamadman747 says:

    When exactly did Gene Rayburn turn into Ernest Borgnine?

  3. verbusen says:

    Gene:” I’m trying to convert them (the lesbians)”, NOW THATS FUNNY! Thanks for posting this is making my day.

  4. SueBeaWho says:

    those stupid fake lezzies are obnoxious…just doing it for the cam I HATE fake. Now GENE is REAL!!!

  5. stet1965 says:

    God I miss these! These weren’t on cable either – regular broadcast TV — Some things were edited but a lot got through too! Thanks for posting!!

  6. spagandtuna says:

    @snowden67 I think Arlene Francis was just a bit out of the loop, possibly due to onset of Alz. But Carlyse–if she didn’t get it at first, definitely caught on and got through it o.k. I think she also coached Arlene. Kudos to Rayburn.

  7. newman20072008 says:

    “COCK” a doodle doo OR “ANY” cock will doo LOL

  8. TroyOi says:

    @ericandy88 If there’s one thing Gene Rayburn didn’t need to prove, it’s that he had a sense of humor. I’d say he did this show mostly for fun, and simply because he had a great sense of humor, not because he needed to prove it.

  9. berryjewell says:

    It is my understanding that Gene, did know what he was doing and it was all in fun. As 1 whom knew him at the time this show went off, he had no need to prove that he had a sense of humour, certainly not to his friends if anyone at all. He was hilarious on and off screen in my opinion and he also seemed to truly enjoy life up to the near end when I had lost touch with him. Brill guy.

  10. FUwogs says:

    the black lezzi is very yummy…

  11. CraigFoye80 says:

    In a small Massachusetts town of Gloucester.

  12. catfacecathead says:

    Who is David Peel?

  13. ericandy88 says:

    Did you ever think that maybe Gene knew full well what he was doing & he was simply proving he had a sense of humor like the rest of us doing this. Just because you are in show business does not mean you have to take what you do so seriously. Unfortunately, that is all too rare.

    And from what I understand, Gene & Howard had a lot of mutual respect towards each other.

  14. knifecut says:

    awesome, thanks for posting

  15. bignz721 says:

    The “Channel 9″ Show. 69 episodes early 90s

  16. knifecut says:

    WTF? love gene and jaye p. why did they do this? where did this air?

  17. logjammers says:

    everybody,Gene has cock.

  18. bluebear1985 says:

    Man, poor Gene. I’m guessing he did this only because he was desperate for cash. Also, being seated in the lower left probably gave him painful reminders of “The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour”, because he was always seated in that position.

  19. Myrolex says:

    R.I.P. Gene Rayburn

  20. prausch65 says:

    Spank my Doodle Doo LMFAO!!!!

  21. dahoss65 says:

    Thats why they’re homeless.

  22. GoofyNewf says:

    you can hear jackie cackling in the background! lmao!

  23. wander73 says:

    the funniest of this hollywood square show on stern was when that black dude rapper and the kkk guy I almost shit in my pants when i was driving one time and almost fell off the road.

  24. CaLiBluNTs562 says:

    can you put the whole thing

  25. mrblondnyc says:

    Gene Rayburn appeared on the Howard Stern Show three times because he always had fun with Howard.

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