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Galveston (Live Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell (Official)

Official video of Glen Campbell performing Galveston on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

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25 Responses to “Galveston (Live Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell (Official)”

  1. whipsace says:

    I used to do the Glen Campbell Show on my parents’ coffee table during the actual broadcast on CBS Sunday nights!!!!
    There are friends of my folks who can still remember my “performances”!!!!
    I used to turn and imitate Glen when he was singing and I thought this song was my “closing” number.
    Thanks Glen for being my hero!

  2. efreet011 says:

    Whether this song was about the Spanish-American War or Vietnam, it’s a timeless song. It also highlights the emptiness of our culture today; we’ve been at war for what, ten years, and I can’t think of a single good song that’s been written about a soldier longing for his girl back home.

  3. CrooningRick says:


  4. Rick123691 says:

    TOTAL TALENT ! WOW , where has talent like this gone to ?

  5. simonellson says:

    Fantastic performance, as ever….

  6. 61169janjan says:

    WOW these songs take me back to a better time i wish i could go back.

  7. goldfortress says:

    Man those were the days! Great shows like Glen’s Goodtime Hour and Tom Jones television program. I was 14 yrs old coming back to my brother-in – law’s and sister’s farm in Delta,Ohio from a three day fishing trip up in Michigan and watching The Goodtime hour.Listening to Glen on the top 40 Detroit’s Big 8 CKLW going up and back from Michigan’s fishing trips was heaven on Earth.

  8. mkworkman says:

    2:40 video: Official video of Glen Campbell (born April 22, 1936) performing his 1969 hit Galveston on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

  9. 27wingnut says:

    yes, I like Glen Campbell…..

  10. MsJan1974 says:

    Thanks Glen Campbell for the great songs I got to listen to being a teenager. This song will always have a place in my heart.

  11. bellevans says:

    Beautiful song, and Campbell had SUCH a voice. I do like Jimmy Webbs version, too. @guarddog22- I didnt know it was about Spanish American war; certainly a lot of Viet Vets adopted it for themselves, at any rate. @samk1101- try it in G (C, D7, Am, Bb are used).

  12. MrByaeger says:

    @samk1101 highly underated for sure, i once looked up the chart to do a cover and had no idea it was so complicated! i stuck with my hank and johnny ….maybe someday.

  13. txjignpig says:

    I didn’t know Ovation made a ES335 clone…..interesting.

  14. guarddog22 says:

    Great song. Great writing by Webb, greatly done by Campbell. (But NOT about Vietnam as many think. About the 1898 Spanish-American War).

  15. joeeandco says:

    Brings back a whole lot of memories!!!

  16. samk1101 says:

    Notice how great he is with the guitar. He is one of the greatest guitar players ever.

  17. lippiatts says:

    @ginny0707 Thank you for your service Sir…

  18. AuntThebe says:

    We had some great country cross-over artists back in the day. Southern accent but no forced twang.

  19. rdw7300 says:

    A beautiful song and Jimmy Webb is one of the greats. Al DiLory’s string arrangements on the recording heighten the song’s power and create a moment frozen in time. Campbell’s great, but his live performances of the song never matched that.

  20. wolfstyle68 says:

    Somebody’s read “Dispatches’ by Michaell Herr.

  21. sbbinahee says:


  22. Stevens4754 says:

    This sure brings back some memories….I was 14 going on 15 living in Galveston when this song was released. I remember the mayor proclaiming Glen Campbell Day the the day this show aired on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour…I believe it was in March of 1969.


  23. raiderdanCA says:

    One of Glen’s best and most meaningful songs… as he performed it live on one of the best TV shows of its day, THE GLEN CAMPBELL GOODTIME HOUR … great memories !

  24. ginny0707 says:

    A great tribute to Vietnam viets
    Lt W L Dunn USMC KADENA SAC ’69

  25. TexasRho83 says:

    This song is a timeless masterpiece sung by none other than a truly talented musician – no one but Glen could ever sing this song right

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