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Galveston (Live Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell (Official)

Official video of Glen Campbell performing Galveston on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

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25 Responses to “Galveston (Live Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell (Official)”

  1. ftsjr says:

    @elvisuk you and ChicagoSouthDan could be right. About 6 months ago, I saw a recently taped GC concert from Montana. It was shown on PBS. On a break in the broadcast, two men in the studio were discussing this song. I think one of them said that Webb wrote it for the Spanish-American war. Who knows if that’s true? No matter what conflict it was about, it’s a powerful anti-war song.

  2. elvisuk says:

    @ftsjr . i thought the song was about the port galveston,where the soldiers left for the war in vietnam

  3. ftsjr says:

    @ChicagoSouthDan I had heard otherwise, but I may be wrong.

  4. ChicagoSouthDan says:

    @ftsjr Robertmorganfisher, a poster from about a year ago, said it was about Vietnam, based on an interview he saw with the composer.

  5. ftsjr says:

    My favorite GC tune. It was released at the perfect time too, while we were embroiled in Vietnam. Although Jimmy Webb didn’t write it with that war in mind, it fit perfectly.

  6. jonieheffner says:

    @gootenslog ..or thinking of the SpanishAmerican battles, this song revives
    something….or all of his songs do.

  7. drumman1231 says:

    Such a great, timeless classic!!! What a touching song.

  8. gootenslog says:

    There’s nothing like driving along the Gulf seawall in Galveston and listening to this.

  9. shootersteve says:

    In my opinion, the most perfectly sung song ever recorded. He hits every note perfect, even in this live version. What a classic!

  10. CHD221185 says:

    Doesn’t get much better than this.

  11. ElComadreja777 says:

    Great stuff. They sure don’t write them like that anymore.

  12. slidomix69 says:

    1:30 ain’t exactly easy but he nails it. In addition to his exceptional talent, he seems to be a humble gentleman.

  13. ams3521 says:

    Just brilliant, as a kid I used to think this was old hat but now I’m older I’m beginning to appreciate just how special these songs are both Instrumental and vocally.

  14. minpirat says:

    “I’m just sayin’, I don’t like fun.”

  15. aqx770 says:

    Memories of the song..and of Nam. So many of us had those same feelings.

  16. raiderdanCA says:

    Absolutely terrific … one of his BEST !

  17. danielrdrown says:

    I would pay a thousand dollars if Glen Campbell would persuade Bobbie Gentry to go on the stage again, singing their hits.

  18. englishhorndude says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t take the original arrangement on tour. Apparently thought the symphony orchestra crowd wouldn’t know the difference.

    The T.J. Kuenstler arrangement should be burned!!!

  19. zezimaspure101 says:

    Now there is an Arkansas boy showing his stuff! You are a long way from Pike
    County, but have not forgotten us, as you showed at the free “Coming Home Tour ” a few years back. It was wonderful!!

    BJ from Okay

  20. kimbalxyz says:

    Glen, is a true picker ! You youngsters could learn a thing or two. Glen & A. Cooper what a pair !

  21. philster61 says:

    Glen is truly a legend. What is also over looked is that Glen was one of the most in demand session musicians in LA during the 60s. He knows his music inside out. The fact that he is now is his 70s and still touring and released a critically acclaimed album in 2008 speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft.

  22. jonieheffner says:

    …omg…what a beautiful song

  23. tritonrocks says:

    Great tune. Great singer. I was a kid when he was popular and I liked his stuff. Now we have to listen to n!gger $hit that raps about drugs, guns and how great it is to rape women.

  24. oceanbound222 says:

    One of the great singers of all time

  25. robertdreed says:

    glenn has one of those voices so incredible and it people seem to over look he is oneof the great all time talented.
    He also contributed to the beach boys on Pet sounds.
    Absolute legend..

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