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Futurama Openings

All humorous subtitles showed at the beginning of the show along with the word “Futurama”. For a lot more check this: And YES, at three:36 “alien” language says: “Thanks for watching, Futurama Slave Army!”.

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25 Responses to “Futurama Openings”

  1. WackidWally2 says:

    Federal law prohibits changing the channel, haha

  2. Gameguy602 says:

    @DrummeR4forLifE14 I like “Painstakingly drawn before a live studio audience.”

  3. MrJammybob1 says:

    i put my eyes to the screen and forgot i was wering a hat so put you head to the screen with hat on for a cheap hear style!!!!

  4. DrummeR4forLifE14 says:

    the one i love the most is “you cant prove it wont happen”

  5. hotshot89ful says:

    Same thing happened to me, but it was the Simpsons!

  6. yugioherico88 says:

    @thurisaz you are a retarded asshole all I was saying was I like futurama I mean god how stupid are you FYI you are a glorified athiest!!!!!

  7. thurisaz1985 says:

    @yugioherico88 That would make you a glorified atheist.

  8. evrbody says:

    @92Betelgeuse If Accidentally Watched, Induce Vomiting

  9. The4EverYoung85 says:

    The last one “See you on some other channel” is true when you think about how the show moved from FOX to Cartoon Network, then from Cartoon Network to Comedy Central (and Comedy Central was the channel that now airs new episodes)

  10. CheesieCow says:

    @estofado44 I saw 1 too… Strange, but funny

  11. freebird966488 says:

    @ Kasparth: Or is it

  12. 92Betelgeuse says:

    much better than the openings of family guy!! I hate the opening of familt guy!!

  13. yugioherico88 says:

    Futurama rocks

  14. yugioherico88 says:

    Futurama is my religion

  15. IwillKillYourCereal says:

    Dancing Space Potatoes? YOU BET! :D

  16. stefanielea1992 says:

    The show that watches back hahahha

  17. MrGoogleMonster2009 says:

    @2:05 I think we should do what´╗┐ it says

  18. janetgirly14 says:

    lol jah

  19. Kasparth says:

    Soon to be a major religion. So true, so true…

  20. danny1819971 says:


  21. inuyasha9454 says:

    lmao a by product of the tv industry best by product ever then

  22. Al3xX420 says:

    Others ask “What if?” We ask “Why if?”

  23. richbrutus says:

    Sounds alot like smells like teen spirit by Nirvana.

  24. Patbad73 says:

    Best theme song ever.

  25. calderjasper says:

    1:00 lol

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