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Futurama: Bender’s Big Score Trailer

Check out the exclusive trailer for Bender’s Large Score “As Xmas 3007 approaches, the Futurama crew need to fight to save Earth in an epic battle against nudist alien Web scammers, travel through time with Al Gore, locate accurate love, and unravel the mystery of Fry’s buttocks!” Release Date – 11.27.07 Available Here –

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25 Responses to “Futurama: Bender’s Big Score Trailer”

  1. jomaro1988 says:

    why buy? xD download it for free hahah

  2. TheSebyboy123 says:

    sorry whipping the jizz off my keyboard…

  3. metalenrikEeEe says:

    im gonna buy it, buy it, buty it ………

  4. cooltuque says:

    Download it…. download it….for….freee…..

  5. Gizmo21312 says:

    I saw an edited version of this on the DVD of The Simpsons Movie.

  6. Gizmo21312 says:

    I know a lot of people liked this movie, but it didn’t impress me.

  7. theWantedDuck says:

    @Gizmo21312 i disagree apart from time travell confusing god i got sooo lost

  8. Gizmo21312 says:

    i wasn’t judging the trailer, i was judging the entire movie, I saw it.

  9. DrAlexandrius says:

    @Gizmo21312 just because the trailer was full of ”elements that arent important” it means its not epic?
    go act smart somewhere else.

  10. DrAlexandrius says:

    futurama is epic!

  11. Gizmo21312 says:

    Didn’t like this movie. There were many plot elements that weren’t important and were just a waste of time like the aquarium, the war in space scene was lame, the beginning was rushed too quickly into the action, and the time-traveling scenes were damn confusing.

  12. Graverobber94 says:

    1:13 can´╗┐ someone explain that joke so i can laugh at it?

  13. stepheng1483 says:

    Our media (tv, newspapers, Hollywood) is monopolized by Jews, it is no coincidence it is also filled with filth and anti white propaganda.

  14. EliminatePro says:

    Well if hypnotoad says. OBEY THE HYPNOTOAD

  15. Kaoru2110 says:

    1:12 ROFL! XD

  16. robertsfunny1995 says:

    “The new morons of Fox present” lol XD.

  17. Adillnr1 says:

    @huntedead1 Thanks for Reply :)

  18. Adillnr1 says:

    @DualcastBahamut Thanks For Reply :)

  19. supersexyghotmew95 says:

    @KYONSUZUMIYA1 what about kodocha

  20. FPSRussiaFan333 says:

    139 people can bite benders shiny metal ass!!

  21. HamsterAtDawn says:

    @Adillnr1 There are 13 episodes set to be shown in june and the series has been renewed for an additional 26 episodes over the next 2 years.

  22. huntedead1 says:

    @Adillnr1 somewhere at the end of 2011 the new seson is coming out (i heard . )

  23. DualcastBahamut says:

    @Adillnr1 I watched the latest ep on netflix, they said next year, and it was made dec. 2009 so maybe.

  24. Adillnr1 says:

    Can anyone tell me if they are still making new episodes of the series? or are planning to

  25. mexuza says:

    click on the video, hold the up and left arrow keys to play a game! try this on any youtube video its awsome!
    …. sorta XD but still try it
    if you had a old nokia you would know this game, its called ‘snake’

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