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Funny Game Show Moments

From “Most Outrageous Moments”, these are ones which I have not seen just before until then, and they are quite simply hilarious.

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25 Responses to “Funny Game Show Moments”

  1. acenace24 says:

    This lady today was asked
    Steve Garvey: “Name something you ride on that would be bad if it stopped abruptly”
    Lady: “Your Heart”
    WTF? Airplane was #1

  2. jamesfintona123 says:

    Cigar *faints* *wakes up* *grabs head*

  3. acenace24 says:

    Dude gets straight to the point.

  4. runner4life1984 says:

    “A Deli is a Drug Store.” LMAO!!!!!

  5. CplNichols says:


  6. chubbylilloser85 says:

    Is it just me or on every family fortunes (UK) nowadays the contestants just try and say something stupid? Back then (les denis days) you used to get the odd person who wouldnt be thinking and say something stupid. Now its just full of them trying to get a laugh -_-

  7. Haley1994baba says:

    “Cigar”….. ohh sh**!
    i almost laughed to death! lol

  8. xsuexkilla says:

    Tom Hanks, the green mole.
    LMAOOOOO!!! xD

  9. VeggieTrunks says:

    Full speed ahead lol!

  10. DrBaronz says:

    that chick at 0:20 is hot…..wowz

  11. snooki0203 says:

    the black guy is thinking …ima slap u when we get home

  12. TheNardin27300 says:


  13. MackLel38 says:

    something you feel before you buy it…a whore

  14. lordmaldad says:

    You say Drew Carey I say Bob Barker

    You say Meredith Vieira I say Gene Rayburn

    You say Jeff Foxworthy I say Richard Dawson

    You say Ben Bailey I say Ray Combs

    You say Ryan Seacrest I say Dick Clark

    95% of teens these days watch the same crappy game shows over and over. if your one of the 5%? left who still watch real game shows, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least 5 video’s. DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF GAME SHOWS DIE

  15. CillersFan says:

    @Joey3264 Have I rescued my video commenting reputation?

  16. Joey3264 says:

    @CillersFan uhh… ok :|

  17. CillersFan says:

    @Joey3264 Its just fun saying that random things that aren’t fake are fake :D . Have you seen my new couch? It’s fake…

  18. Joey3264 says:

    @CillersFan Troll…

  19. kingknowles2112 says:

    @Tips247 a brothel

  20. Tips247 says:

    i swear to god ann “the one who stole lamps” was a woman who laughed when my dad tryed to help her out of a parking spot in the lake district england.. after she hit a car.

  21. Tips247 says:

    whats a whorehouse?

  22. toti2life says:

    lol epic

  23. darkchibicosmos says:

    That would have been hilarious if he said “That’s funny because I’m wearing my lucky bra too!”

  24. ellabridgie says:

    at 6:40 is he saying ur least favourite thing with a pit??

  25. CillersFan says:


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