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Frontier Jeapordy#2

i know how much yall liked the first one, so i made anotherXD with more on the way!!!!!!! CAST: ALEX- TAKUYA OZZY OSBORNE- JP MARTHA STEWART- ZOE and of course………… SEAN CONNERY – KOUJI
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25 Responses to “Frontier Jeapordy#2”

  1. pobleterock says:

    Because I hate you, Trebek!

    o_o Good Lord!

  2. yellowgreen23 says:


  3. koujixkouichi says:

    funny I like when Kouji say that “because I hate you”

  4. yodelr says:

    lol The PEN IS mightier…i guess it’ll work for ricHARD nixON…XDDDD
    I LOVED the ending with martha and connery. LOL
    Zoe: “I don’t need your chump change.”
    Takuya: “This is for charity!”
    Zoe: “Screw ‘em.” XDD
    -Kouji: “Alex Trebek.”
    Takuya: “…I’m touched!…”
    Kouji: “Ah, laddy, you know I’m hard on you but it’s all in good fun!”
    Takuya: “You wagered…”
    Kouji: “SUCKS.” XDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!1111

  5. yodelr says:

    Kareem Abdul Jabar. FAMOUS bballer.
    [says the basketball freak!]

  6. LillieGhoul says:

    Goog God Sean Connery ROX!!!!!!!

  7. kyiran92 says:

    It was a skit from NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

  8. LTD629 says:

    ya he did

  9. amayaangelphoenix says:

    Jeopardy number three is in the works right now. <_<;

  10. amayaangelphoenix says:

    Idk, i didnt watch the original .-. I just made something up.

  11. AlbertsTheory3 says:


  12. Neopetixan says:

    yes please make more!!

  13. KyuubiNaruto018 says:

    make more please!! i can’t stop laughing xD

  14. cmkevil101 says:

    awsome dude

  15. kiko655 says:


  16. julian725 says:

    THE PEN IS MIGHTIER? Didn’t he change Richard Rixon, cross out the RIC and turned it to Hard On

  17. Keiwaiou says:

    is this a real show? if so what’s it called?

  18. DaisukeKen says:

    cravin’ more head…omg, I can’t breathe!!! XD

  19. HelloBrinty says:

    clever :) I giggled.

  20. kpjjl3 says:

    this rocks make more

  21. shadow2Kurby says:

    Don’t ever take this done!!!!!

  22. anthroespeon says:

    This is so funny!

  23. barfboy34 says:

    tommy suxs

  24. raefan180 says:

    if anyone sais tommy sucks again i’ll stalk them till thier moment of deith btw vid was awsome!!

  25. UsagiSohma83 says:

    when will that come????????

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