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Frontier Jeapordy #1

….this is one screwed up jeapordy game…with more on da way!!!! ^^ Here’s da cast!!! Alex (host guy)- Takuya Bill Cosby- Kouichi Shannon Osborne- Zoe Sean Connery- Kouji Update 2/20/07: wow more than 1000 views i am famous TT * fells proud*
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Frontier Jeapordy #1”

  1. Nickster891 says:

    koichi as bill cosby that’s so genius

  2. strawberryhiromi says:


  3. pobleterock says:

    Kouji: …….Oh she was nursing it alright!!!

    Good Lord!!!

  4. ategaby says:

    Zoey said WHAT THE F#*K

  5. darkleomon says:

    u are not worthy enough to have phoenix in ur name and not allowed to make fun of digimon. SOAB and FUR someone

  6. yellowgreen23 says:

    LMAO WTF?!?!?!?! THIS IS FUNNY! now i have to write random shit to post the god damn comment!!! sorry losing it! anyway, funny-ass vid!^^

  7. ssqqwwer says:

    o tks lol ^_^

  8. amayaangelphoenix says:


  9. ssqqwwer says:

    pto-o=p? still don get it i am dumb pls explain

  10. amayaangelphoenix says:

    Look at it really close…dont look at it as a math problem but a word. <.<

  11. ssqqwwer says:

    wads p+0-0=p

  12. Sundaaay21 says:

    Everytime i watch this i simply cannot stop laughing, i love kouichi as bill cosby, and takuya trebeck LOL, i simply love this! :)

  13. ang5523 says:

    go koji my man

  14. phoenixbboo says:


  15. koujixkouichi says:

    That so funny

  16. guatedude13 says:

    that last one was a good one XDDDDDDDD

  17. LillieGhoul says:

    yea… especially Sean Connery!! (LMAO!!)

  18. amayaangelphoenix says:

    Heyhey now, I am a HUGE Kouichi fan. But geez, come on, its called a PARODY. Everyone got a little jest, not just Kouichi. -.-

  19. LTD629 says:

    -.- my bad dang! i realized that. i was thinking of a different person wen i saw Koichi. plus i put that 1 month ago, u think i realized it by now?

  20. LillieGhoul says:

    I hate it too! But its called parody for a reason!

  21. LillieGhoul says:

    u dun even noe his spelling! Lolx! It’s Kouichi!

  22. LTD629 says:

    its Koiji

  23. ph3rtehHDawg says:

    Kouji: That’s not what your mother said last night!

    Takuya: O_o


  24. Kojigirl1996 says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAhAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!(passes out laughing)

  25. koichilover944 says:


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