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Freaks and Geeks – costumes for Halloween

Scene from Tricks and Treats.

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25 Responses to “Freaks and Geeks – costumes for Halloween”

  1. SjokkoladeBolleMusa says:

    Looking for chaplin… only seeing Hitler xD I FUCKING DIED SO FUCKING HARD xD

  2. TouchingEvil says:

    Best show ever!!!!!!

  3. samage1337 says:

    Wait… what episode is this from?

  4. interferencemusic says:

    THANK YOU guys for sharing the Napoleon Dynamite character feeling. The first time we watched Bill, i totally thought it was Napoleon’s mentor :)

  5. LittleMissEllyanora says:

    ‘looking for chaplin, only seeing Hitler! I love you neil!!

  6. oefel says:

    Bill is such a fucking stud

  7. 4ccomet says:

    I saw Martin Starr in couple of movies (Knocked up, Adventureland, Eyeball Eddie, Party Down series…) and think Bill Haverchuck is his best role ever. Magnificient! :)
    (and Bill is pretty hot, even he wears a bra :D )

  8. colester says:

    I’m not a little girl I’m a… b-Bionic Woman!

  9. emousejapanimation says:

    @nesplayer94 No way. Bill and Napoleon are both “geeks”, but completely different. For one thing, Napoleon is completely sure of his own coolness, where Bill is more self-aware. Besides, one doesn’t need to be derivative of the other, because they’re both compilations of real-life people known by their creators.

  10. Jess9984 says:

    @savanna21 Yep

  11. pursegrabbinpukes says:

    hahaha gonna raise hell is such awesome music for this

  12. muscleoffigus says:

    @nirmalsuki he was going for both

  13. Mrster says:



  14. savanna21 says:

    is that….john francis daley?

  15. ryanlovesmike says:

    I’m sorry Steve Austin I can’t marry you….I’mI’m mad at you right now….WHAT?!?!?i’M i’M SORRY I can’t hear you…..I’m gonna put the phone on my BIONIC EAR…

  16. Sara0Rara says:

    “I’m gonna put the phone on my bionic ear…thats better…No don’t talk so loud, don’t forget I have bionic hearing” Bill’ is amazing!

  17. beckmerc says:

    this show is the best depiction of high school ever because it is realistic. every other movie and television show i’ve seen about kids in high school is about extremely good looking people having sex and partying every night.

  18. Gingoman3 says:

    A friend of mine used to rave about this show and I just discovered it playing on a cable channel. What a great show! It is really a shame it didn’t keep playing. Real stuations, real people and really funny.

  19. petrif1ed says:

    @blackpython You’re right, i wouldn’t even compare them :) I love bill

  20. nirmalsuki says:

    @I4gotmyMANTRA He was going for Groucho Marx, not Charles Chaplin

  21. cakeandbotany says:

    i love you bill.. that man made freaks and geeks . genious. bionic woman? fabulous.

  22. 87plaid says:

    Bill reminds me of when they put the wig on E.T.!

  23. 87plaid says:

    Bill reminds me of when they had the wig on E.T.

  24. mseales says:

    That’s because Bill’s character is a real person and not a stereotype for them to hang their lame-ass jokes on.

  25. jjjoestar says:

    One of the best TVshows ever!!

    However Sam..Crime and Punishment is a great book :P

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