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Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen show. portion 1

Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen show.
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25 Responses to “Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen show. portion 1”

  1. k1llk1ngph30n1x says:

    2:00 “uuuuuh, well you’ll billfem- you WILL be familiar with some of my songs for at least the next 50 years but more than likely for the rest of time”

  2. bfish420 says:

    The most pure evidence of the element of what made Zappa such a legend: BALLS. This couldn’t have been any later that ’64, when the most progressive form of rock around at the time was what the Beatles were doing, and here’s Zappa making his TV premiere playing a bicycle. It takes balls to make your first impression in the limelight as a novelty act. Frank Zappa’s a fucking boss

  3. Morahman7vnNo2 says:

    Allen is just joking with him, he’s not telling him he’s wasting his life.

  4. ftheGOP says:

    Could Steve Allen be more condescending?

  5. FoxIslandman says:

    Frank is a very interesting cat !

  6. amcint01 says:

    “I’m a composer”
    Understatement of the century. Of the millenium.

    As a young composer myself, this is the most encouraging thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much, DRMUX.

  7. Photochroming says:

    A skinny version of Don Draper!

  8. EtieneyOssip says:

    I hate this Steve Allen, pero le agradesco

  9. danogzilla says:

    youtube would be way better if it worked all the time.

  10. beefoneeto says:

    At this point in his career Zappa had written one song Memories Of El Monte which was recorded in ’62 by The Penguins his hometown heroes who had the huge hit Earth Angel back in ’56.Then Zappa wrote the music for Worlds Greatest Sinner(btw-TCM has shown it)-Tim Carey starred-he was one of Kubricks favorites(The Killing,Paths Of Glory).

  11. roricka2 says:

    I think was already mentioned, but Steve Allen was a genius. If there were no Steve Allen’s in this world, there probably would be no Frank zappas either. It is very doubtful Steve knew what he had on his hands that day (he mistakenly thinks Frank has said he plays the “bass drum”), but surely he suspected something. We know Frank by reputation; the same is true for Steve. Lots of folks bang on their bike — Steve Allen chose Frank Zappa to highlight. Allen was no fool.

  12. MsLostinmusic says:

    ty 4 posting….fab!!!! :-)

  13. bustamove444 says:


  14. Widmerpool99 says:


  15. MrGrevy says:

    Looks like that disrespectful piece of shit Steve Allen was decent for once.

  16. RASinger says:

    It’s like watching the birth of a child…

  17. beezybeast101 says:

    Not the same without his beard… Still a legend from day one it seems!!

  18. Floskeknosk says:

    Give us Frank back, dammit!

  19. mrfrenik says:

    Who could’ve known how fucking huge Zappa was going to be later on at this time. :)

  20. populvuh02 says:

    @ccm800 yes, his birth name is frank, much to zappa’s own surprise in the 80s

  21. populvuh02 says:

    frank zoppa

  22. MegaYoshitsune says:

    lol, he looks like David Schwimmer

  23. ccm800 says:

    Wasn’t Frank just always Frank?

  24. topdeeni says:

    hahahaha… About two weeks.

  25. deepindercheema says:

    1:26 Louis BELson style drumsticks!

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