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Frank Lloyd Wright–What’s My Line

Frank Lloyd Wright was a mystery guest on the 03 June 1956 episode of WML.

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25 Responses to “Frank Lloyd Wright–What’s My Line”

  1. HubO59 says:

    It was so simple, so modest but so funny and intelligent. How can we not think that our time is pathetic compared to this ?

  2. taki128 says:

    where did you get this footage?

  3. barrymore says:

    @ropesack he may had arthritis, hence the limp shake

  4. ropesack says:

    FLW is a true badass for all times. but that deadfish handshake = not a good look.

  5. Jsd8675 says:

    Wow he was born in the 1860s

  6. destroyerdreams says:

    No me lo puedo creer.
    ¿Dónde quedaron estos concursos? ¿Qué ha ocurrido con este en particular?
    Qué geniales concursantes y qué increíbles invitados. Dalí, Marx, Wright… Hoy en día, ¿quien ocuparía el lugar del Arquitecto? ¿Belén Esteban?
    ¡¡Que alguien nos devuelva los años 50-60!!

  7. SamBarronSleep says:

    I wish gameshows today were this intelligent

  8. ebizl8 says:

    ‘like, are you an industrialist?’

  9. RespectMyHate says:

    Please watch my architecture video popsicle masterpiece.

  10. cubicleboy says:

    i like being around people like this guy. very gracious but also a smartass. reminds me of my grandparents. good people. :)

  11. MGtzz says:

    I think this is priceless although I am finding Daly a bit annoying and intrusive.

  12. RamirezGates says:

    I’m an interior designer but I’ve only seen his work, articles about him & photos of him. It’s a real treat to see a film of him. How dapper he looks at age 89! So fashionably dressed. My dad is 88 & no where near so “with it”. I love how he notes the acoustical problems in the studio. I love these old What’s My Line episodes – watched them on TV when I was a kid. If you like this show, check out “This is your life” w/Ralph Edwards,another show of the era.

  13. mf2101 says:

    I just did the math – he is 89 here!


    I love how she accidentally ended up saying his name.

  15. lilroba1 says:

    Lol i like this guys personallity, hes such a smartass.

  16. lilroba1 says:

    Lol i like this guys personallity, hes such a smart ass.

  17. xander7ful says:

    This is about the third time I’ve watched this because he’s so distinguished and dignified. I love the cane!

  18. MARCBSTN says:

    Great to see how the panel stood up to greet FLW knowing they were among greatness.

  19. Hatikvah2010 says:

    Yep torch.This gameshow is a very very good reflection of that period’s American culture and morays.Fascinating isn’t it?

  20. Hatikvah2010 says:

    ooohhhhhh man !! I loooooooove Frank Lloyd Wright

  21. xenafan234 says:

    @henrygrove100 Me too, we once were civilized. We once upon a time recognized Genius.

  22. henrygrove100 says:

    @soulierinvestments Paul Winchell looking glamourous!

  23. henrygrove100 says:

    @welammjr59 hip hip, hip hip, hip hip hurrah!

  24. henrygrove100 says:

    @operjxm yes he does!

  25. henrygrove100 says:

    @xenafan234 I”m glad the women stood for their elders and what an elder this one was! Frank Lloyd Wright!

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