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Foster Brooks Roasts Johnny Carson

At a Dean Martin celebrity roast for Johnny Carson, Foster Brooks has his turn.

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25 Responses to “Foster Brooks Roasts Johnny Carson”

  1. xander7ful says:

    I used to watch these as a kid and didn’t realize how funny these were. You can barely find humor like this today.

  2. jerico641 says:

    Really? Well, I guess he did have practical experience then.

  3. theDeckisStacked says:

    @jerico641 Actually, he did drink. He admitted he had a drinking problem but quit in 1964. He never drank or smoked again after that, and he attributed his success due to the fact that he quit drinking.

  4. lunhil12 says:

    I used to watch Brooks on the Carson show. Now I have to get these on dvd, they’re so funny.

  5. jerico641 says:

    I read someplace that Foster Brooks never touched a drop his entire life.

  6. tturtle50 says:

    These times are gone!! So much has been lost!! Thanks so much for this video!!

  7. jejo02 says:

    I know there’s a bunch of people raving about these jokes, this era, these roasts…but no offense, these jokes are lame. I didn’t laugh once. I feel like comedy was way too Conservative back then. Maybe I would’ve liked these jokes if I grew up in that era, but roasts nowadays are SO much better!

  8. vinnierusso99 says:

    These are so damn funny, I went out and bought the complete set. They’re a riot!

  9. TrekToons says:

    @Jackeldo Today, that would be tagged a racist slur and poor old Foster would be caught up in a scandal, be forced to publicly apologize and fork over a million bucks to charity, lose whatever endorsements he was making and drop out of public life. Back then, people were a little more thick-skinned.

  10. Lonevoice123 says:

    @OweMe1Cannoli amen!!!!

  11. limeliter says:

    Love this bunch…great comedy

  12. Jackeldo says:

    Innuendo is the Italian translation for Preparation H. Freaking funny!

  13. vccstudents says:

    “Innuendo was the Italian name for Preparation H!” LMAO!

  14. Lakerbballfan says:

    @circuitdesign You should check out Brooks’ roasting of Don Rickles. You usually don’t fake wiping tears from your eyes.

  15. 5ivepdx says:

    @Mutch820 – Foster Brooks actually was a recovered alcoholic. He sobered up on a dare for $10 bucks.

  16. KratostheThird says:

    Finding talent like this is almost impossible these days.

    Hollywood today makes me sick. At least back then it had some integrity.

  17. pixeleen8 says:

    I was in a castle in Wales at a medieval show whose MC was the spitting image of Foster Brooks. At the end of theevening he said, “For those of you who liked me, my name is (so and so), for the of you who didn’t, my name is Foster Brooks.”
    These roasts were so classically funny and the comedians these days leave much to be desired. The only exception I can think of is Craig Ferguson who is truly funny and a comedic gem in a sea of rhinestones.

  18. circuitdesign says:

    Foster Brooks does a great drunk. But that is a pitiful display of the worst fake-laughing by the on-stage guests I have ever seen.

    -The Simon Cowell of YouTube

  19. JG40061 says:

    That’s classic Foster Brooks- you won’t see that on today’s TV- everyones too sensitive today

  20. gordondelma says:

    Inuendo–Italian name for preperation H…….Funny, funny, stuff!!!

  21. tartfuel says:

    @dukundroz You know you can appreciate Johnny Carson without having to run down people like Letterman (Who Johnny thought was hilarious. Johnny even wrote jokes for Dave’s monologue once Dave went to CBS.) Conan and Ferguson. They are very funny and their audiences love them.

  22. flamingofarm says:

    I met Foster through a business transaction in the late 1970′s, at the height of his career. He impressed me as one of the nicest, most genuine, down-to-earth, generous persons I’ve ever met, and that was over 30 years ago! Truly a great guy: there was nothing “Hollywood” about him.

  23. wmhsports25 says:

    8 people are retarded

  24. DeckHeaded says:

    “I was there the night you asked Marcel Mastriani if innuendo was an Italian name for Preparation H.” It took that classic joke a couple of seconds to sink in before everybody go it! He even had George Burns and Jack Benny looking at each other going “WTF did he just say?”

  25. CrazyWedz says:


    Me too. =]

    I didn’t think I’d be watching clip after clip of Foster Brooks.

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