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Foster Brooks on Steve Allen show

Foster Brooks appearing on the Steve Allen show. The guests are unaware that he is a fake drunk !
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25 Responses to “Foster Brooks on Steve Allen show”

  1. southernrockdrummer says:

    Foster Brooks and Tim Conway are the two comedians who NO ONE around them, regardless of how hard they try, can keep a straight face. Those two are truly in a class by themselves. The are both comedian’s comedians.

    I think that woman in pink must have been on a heavy dose of valium.

  2. reddnec says:

    Monica Evans just doesn’t connect for some reason. Like hello honey?

  3. scoops57 says:


  4. Qtip43 says:


  5. ebizmaster says:

    still funny after all these beers

  6. TheGardener61 says:

    @juilliardpark Sorry Charlie, convince me. Do you expect me to believe on “trust me” a fifty year old woman looks that young. The Meadows sisters have rounder faces. The “Lady inPink” has an elongated face. Trust, yeah right. Come up with something I can believe in. That actress is Monica Evans. Likely promoting a Disney film she did voice work on at about the time of this show.

  7. juilliardpark says:

    @TheGardener61 That IS Jayne Meadows. Trust me.

  8. TheGardener61 says:

    @gfpirate That is not Jayne Meadows. Jayne was born in 1920. This footage is from one of Steve Allens shows late 60′s early 70′s. That would make Jayne Meadows @ fifty years old. Does the woman in pink realy look like a fifty year old? Can you even find one other picture of Jayne in that hair style?

  9. gfpirate says:

    What really makes this work is the reaction of Jayne Meadows. She really thought he was drunk, and, I believe, Meadows later said that during a commercial break, she tried to get Brooks thrown off the set because she thought he was ruining her husband’s show.

  10. LateNightCable says:

    If none of the show’s guests expected him to act drunk, he must not yet have been famous for it… Which would make this the public debut of Foster’s legendary drunk act right?

  11. TheGardener61 says:

    @Gnillob802 You nailed Louie Nye, someone thought he was Dick Cavet???

  12. Gnillob802 says:

    @TheGardener61 I didn’t read that part, LOL. Magician Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) asked some young people if they could name the Beatles and they couldn’t. His point was that no matter how famous you become as a performer its fleeting. The only reason people remember John Wayne, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe is because their names are licensed and are widely marketed today. I know quite a few people who know who John Wayne is without ever seeing any of his films.

  13. TheGardener61 says:

    @Gnillob802 Poor Louie Nye?? How about Monica Evans? (now deceased) Everybody has misidentified her as Jayne Meadows. The funny thing is, I just went thru 12 pages of comments of people speaking with total authority that it was Jayne. All because she was misidentified, and every one accepted it. If you want a real laugh, read all the comments and see how people quote Jayne commenting on the episode. Monica was British, which may account for some of the ‘uptight’ character claims made of her.

  14. TheGardener61 says:

    It is not Audrey nor Jane Meadows next to Foster Brooks in this clip. How this woman was identified as such is beyond me. However, ever piece of information I’ve Googled names her as Jayne or Jane Meadows. She is in fact MONICA EVANS. A British actress. For all of you doubters, search pictures of all three. The Meadows women have much rounder faces. Monica is best known for her role as Cecily Pigeon in the original Odd Couple movie with Mathaeu and Lemon. See for yourself.

  15. vtelibrl says:

    His whole act was pretending to be a drunk. What a hack.

  16. nicknorthable says:

    In a later interview I heard Jayne Meadows say that even though Steve was the only one to know about the drunk bit ; that she had a feeling it was a put on because she said Steve never would have allowed his show or a guest to get out of control or embarrass themselfs like that. What a Great entertainer Steve Allen always will Be…*

  17. wannawatchu66 says:

    I think 75cmf meant to say “That’s not AUDREY Meadows seated next to Foster Brooks.” It IS Jayne Meadows, Steve’s wife. Audrey was Ralph Kramden’s wife Alice on “The Honeymooners,” which was a feature within the Jackie Gleason Show.

  18. GroffinTiffin says:

    Steve Allen was an asshole, but this is funny

  19. 75cmf says:

    That’s not Jayne Meadows seated next to Foster Brooks. Jayne, Audrey’s sister, was married to Steve Allen.

  20. peeanergeetar12 says:

    @snrbusanalyst That’s Audrey Meadows from The Jackie Gleeson show, she was Steve Allen’s wife

  21. britcomic says:

    Incredible! He was way ahead of Sacha Baron Cohen. Thanks for posting. Would love to see the full clip!

  22. willssonline says:

    I believe the woman in the grey outfit is Israeli singer Aliza Kashi. Brooks ruffled her feathers. Later in this clip she takes off her jacket because the “drunken” man’s behavior was making her feel too warm. He had everybody in the palm of his hand.

  23. mrguitar52 says:

    id love to see the end of that when they all find out

  24. dontcindyme says:

    Yes the lady next to him obviously isn’t aware of his act and thinks he’s drunk!

  25. mrguitar52 says:

    wish you`d post the rest of it

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