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Foster Brooks as Drunk pilot on Dean Martin Show

Foster Brooks playing a drunk airline pilot on the Dean Martin Show. Very funny XD

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25 Responses to “Foster Brooks as Drunk pilot on Dean Martin Show”

  1. zloyobar says:

    Foster Brooks was to funny !

  2. walleyrt69 says:

    Back when America was Great ! Before the Communists got in Power.

  3. tessakib says:

    They don’t make shows like this anymore and that is such a horrible shame. I really miss ol’ Deano! He could act and sing and is a hilarious comedian, even though he can’t keep a straight face. What a loss!

  4. Jrodz53 says:

    His is the Best…of all!

  5. MrChopper6969 says:

    flyin high….hilarious what talent !!!!!!!!

  6. swollower says:

    Foster must be playing the part of a Finnish air pilot!

  7. stewjm04171962 says:

    These good old days are gone.

  8. 1clarinet1981 says:

    i miss the great variety shows!
    sorry they fell out of fashion!

  9. Drizzleshizzle772 says:

    Dean is cracking up, he always did soon as Foster Brooks stepped on stage. And so are the rest of us, this man was a comic genious!

  10. laangles2002 says:


  11. hugsdebra says:

    when i was a little girl, i used to laugh so hard at this guy, when i got older i married his twin…..i didnt laugh so much after that LMBO! hugs debs <3

  12. EternalGodling says:

    had to stop wiping tears away LOL

  13. jaybrooks1124 says:

    This is one of my all-time favorites.

  14. Womaaahn says:

    LOL! I love Foster Brooks…best “drunk” I’ve ever seen!

  15. celebrityimpressions says:

    That was great! LOL

  16. theoldmaninvegas says:


  17. Drumguy1988 says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing threw the whole clip. That’s comedy right there.

  18. Pyromortis says:

    Foster Brooks is still a barrle of laughs to the yonger generation!

  19. reggularguy says:

    I agree. No matter how many times I watch this clip it always cracks me up.

  20. lwv6966 says:

    @orvacephus AMEN! LOL

  21. swirvelous says:

    I’m surprised Dean held it together as long as he did. Absolutely hilarious.

  22. Carrie4Lynn5 says:

    This is so funny. I can watch this over and over, and i laugh every time i watch it…LOL

  23. dixie2545 says:

    wonderful and not one swear word

  24. NiteEagle2 says:

    This is great . I remember seeing this years ago. And it’s still funny. ….

  25. Chattee41 says:

    thank u for posting this; brings back great memories when i was young. comedy of this genre and before was the best, not like the crap of today, you know?

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