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foster brookes on dean martin roasts lucille ball

dean martin roast
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25 Responses to “foster brookes on dean martin roasts lucille ball”

  1. papawx3 says:

    After he discussed the “cacoon”, he said:” no offense to the colored man here on the stage”. Could you imagine what would happen to anyone who would have dared say that today? Their career would be over, complete with visits from Jesse and Al.

  2. Madams1977 says:

    @atoxx1 Yeah I know what you mean. While not all comedy is crude and vulgar today, but too much of it is so. Especially the roasts of today. I think what happened is what usually happens when a social revolution of sorts takes place. There will be those who go way too far with it. Comedians became too clean and weren’t so funny, so we got Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Then others wanted to be like them but weren’t as talented so all they could do is swear and be crude.

  3. contact1araya says:

    Roasts back then were interesting, people played drunk, coy, angry flirty, crazy, ………………….the recent roasts in comedy central are just vulgar and many are not funny.

  4. michel19612009 says:

    lassie OR lucy OMG

  5. zer1010 says:

    Brooks was priceless. Wow he was funny!!!

  6. lettersfromaboy says:

    @toeytay She along with Roseanne Barr, Phyllis Diller and Moms Mabley, belong on the female branch of the Mount Rushmore of Comedy. As for the males, Winters, Pryor, Rickles and Carlin. Do you agree?

  7. lostinthought179 says:

    @MEthistime Oh please, this is a trite complaint and it has no basis in fact either. It’s so easy to complain about things as they are now and to glorify the past. Performers are not always young now, and thirty years ago they weren’t always talented. Or did you miss the part when Foster used a play on words to call Lucy loose, high art indeed.

  8. deuk22 says:

    Mr.Brooks was one of a kind and no one comes anywhere near his talent.I watched him during my childhood and was amazed and now I am totally rapt and watch all his bits on a daily basis and it always cheers me up.may he rest in peace.

  9. toeytay says:

    Lucille Ball – best comedienne of all time. Enough said, this was hilarious.

  10. Kwarner722 says:

    Any comedian who could make Don Rickles double over in laughter was a top craftsman. Damn I love Foster Brooks!

  11. newman20072008 says:

    Pure Clean Comedy

  12. Statick1 says:

    Man, now THIS is true comedy. No foul-mouth garbage humor like the so-called comics of today. Comedy Central should just stop it with their versions of the Roast. They suck majorly.

  13. abbtowing says:


  14. newman20072008 says:

    Mr Brooks was a GENIUS @ his art, always always funny. R.I.P.

  15. pavingdoug says:

    I was very young when these were on tv but, there will never again be people with class and fun as all of these people were. People back in the day enjoyed life going to dine, drink, laugh, and dance. People these days don’t go out for a drink and listen to a live band. There too worried about jogging. We are all going to DIE anyways why not enjoy life???

  16. 60bjorn says:

    I guess with comedians there were two types. A comic said things in a funny way. A comedian said funny things. Foster was awesome because he was a master at both skills, and what a sense of timing and delivery. Thanks for all the great posts.

  17. orawal says:


  18. daadennis says:

    he’s great…..between him and hee-haw ans the carol burnette show this is the greatest comedy era

  19. falmark187 says:

    Foster Brooks got more laughts just walking from his seat to the podium then others got form their hole rutine

  20. DET832 says:

    Agreed. Funny thing, He didn’t drink at all.

  21. galanie says:

    Oh how I miss those people. Pure funny and not one four-letter word needed.

  22. andrewstack5236 says:

    lassy I mean lucy hahaha classic foster brooks

  23. LucilleBall8611 says:

    “how ’bout u Luc (turns around to Dean Martin) thats what the football team used to call her!” oh ha ha ha ha i love the roast why r all the shows that on now crap?!?! and the comedy shows are kinda funny but none of them equal up to what they were then. Lucy was part of making TV good then! we love you lucy!

  24. JeffDavadPhotog says:

    Actually it wasn’t this roast that Parkyakarkus died. It was a Friar’s Club Roast in November of 1958 for Lucy and Desi that he died.

  25. JeffDavadPhotog says:

    “fire folicles” and no one caught it except Lucy.

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