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For the Cowboys:Tribute to TV Westerns and Cowboys

A tribute to the classic television westerns and the actors who starred in them. Set to John Denver’s I’d Rather Be A Cowboy..
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8 Responses to “For the Cowboys:Tribute to TV Westerns and Cowboys”

  1. 1sjv1 says:

    @TheRosaLee23 He played Emmet Ryker on the Virginian from ’63 -’68. He was in a lot of stuff over the years and a writer and director to boot.

  2. 1sjv1 says:

    @TheRosaLee23 Well there are two at 2:09. The first one – the b&w picture with his arms crossed is Clu Gulager, who played the sheriff for a while on the Virginian. The second picture, the blond with the guitar is Randy Boone from the Virginian and later on Cimarron Strip.

  3. AdamCartwrightILoveU says:

    @JaneVanDoe ,
    YOU ONLY WISH!! LOL… I don’t know about the others but Adam is mine mine mine… lol

  4. 1sjv1 says:

    @JaneVanDoe I think I missed a few, so many cowboys so little time!!!

  5. 1sjv1 says:

    @TheRosaLee23 Oh good!!I tried to find photos I thought might not be all that common.

  6. 1sjv1 says:

    @AdamCartwrightILoveU Thank you – have always loved to listen to John Denver.

  7. AdamCartwrightILoveU says:

    wow wow wow !!! you did a fantastic job. So many great cowboys.yo did our cowboys proudly. Thank you fo sharing thi wth me, I really ejoyed it, plus John Denver singing cold not haveasked for a better choice of song.

  8. JaneVanDoe says:

    Wow … this was a great surprise… love it… I don’t think you missed anyone…. mine all mine… LOL… thank you….great song and photos…. smiles…. JVD

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