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Fonzie Jumps the Shark

Just the Jump
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25 Responses to “Fonzie Jumps the Shark”

  1. mediina1 says:

    dont know whats cornier him jumping the shark or him wearing the leather jacket while jumping the shark…

  2. spuzzmacher says:

    Take that, terrorists!!!

  3. JohnJ512 says:

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  4. TheBrewchief says:

    @admirilawesome1 Thanks! I do write, but until something I’ve written sells (guess I’d have to make a final draft of something), I won’t call myself a writer, just a hobbyist. Every now and then it’s fun to fool around with ideas that don’t have to go anywhere much.

  5. admirilawesome1 says:

    @TheBrewchief you should be a writer for this kinda crap

  6. PungiFungi says:

    This was the time during the Jaws craze. Every show had a stupid shark show and this was one of them. I was never into Happy Days as I thought the show was inane and not funny at all, but I got suckered in with this shark episode. To this day I can’t figure how anyone sat through this episode because the payoff didn’t compensate for the torture.

  7. zsiejko156 says:

    Wadsworth constant x2

  8. HatedOn511 says:

    This is outrageously stupid.

  9. yam83 says:

    Gotta admit that was a hell of a jump.

  10. oneirishpoet says:

    @sydneymassive yeah very appropriate indeed…btw it’s funny how the Fonz has NEVER worn anything but jeans and leather jacket in every episode and yet here he has lovely TAN legs WTF? (ok so I’m old, that’s how I know)

  11. wilhelm2ss says:


    Honestly, I think the show’s producer thought a guy walking on the beach in a leather jacket would be cool. Instead it was just stupid. You could just feel the credibility of the show melt away. Oh, the TV show Happy Days went on for years after this idiocy. But Fonz was never cool again and the show didn’t have that “zing” it once had.

    So, “Jump the Shark” means a point in a show where it loses its credibility/entertainment value and it’s never quite the same.


    that 70′s show brought me here :p

  13. p31nful says:

    jumping the shark man

  14. TheMartinezClan says:

    Fez did it better

  15. TheCdnboo2 says:

    i heard this thing killed the show

  16. meeksoregon says:

    Why is he wearing a leather jacket?

  17. Hot80s says:

    looked gay in shorts, oh wait a minute winkler is a fairy.

  18. lions4life2 says:

    Heh, white people.

  19. Aeolis7 says:

    Things Fonzie jumped.

    1) 14 Garbage Cans
    2) 1 Shark
    3) Pinky Tuscadero

  20. jnthnbush says:

    @Yogonful I was just kidding

  21. Yogonful says:

    @jnthnbush So, I don’t give a crap

  22. jnthnbush says:

    @Yogonful oh so close, but you said of, not off

  23. jnthnbush says:

    @mradamcooley huh?

  24. gonzo2399 says:

    what is the fuckin point?

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