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Flying Doctors Opening Credits

Flying Doctors Opening Credits Season 1
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25 Responses to “Flying Doctors Opening Credits”

  1. woodss82 says:

    my parents loved this show in the 80s too.
    I remember some of it too.

  2. blackflagqwerty says:

    mike sierra foxtrot this is victor charlie charlie!

  3. SearchTown says:


  4. evaboon1980 says:

    This brings back so many memories from my childhood, miss the eighties.. :) thanks for putting this up!

  5. itze25 says:

    was set in the outback of New South Wales Remember Broken Hill gaught mentioned now and again?

  6. BadGirlOfAutism says:

    I remember watching this at my gran’s house; she always loved afternoon Aussie soaps? What state was it set in?

  7. markape1 says:

    This wonderful show inspired me into filmaking…Check out my video “Pranksters in the park” the one with the picture of the 2 kids….

  8. markape1 says:

    This wonderful show inspired me into filmaking…Check out my video “Pranksters in the park” the one with the picture of the 2 kids….

  9. Mrfighd says:

    This was my FAVOURITE show when I was growing up! wow memories :-)

  10. policebox2007 says:

    Used to watch this a long time ago.

  11. mrsgritoli1 says:

    One of Crawfords better shows.Loved seeing Maurie and Val together

  12. Vince1648 says:

    It was because of Flying Doctors, Crocodile Dundee and Midnight Oil that I decided to go backpacking around Australia 20 yrs ago.
    What a great year that was.

  13. gravyfunky says:

    This used to come on just before MacGyver. I couldn’t wait for it to finish!

  14. darkirishdragon says:

    phoneshow sux

  15. satrapy27 says:

    That must be one awesome career wow.

  16. MovieMad007 says:

    back in 2005 I travelled from the UK to go backpacking in OZ, the only internal flights i took were Sydney to Adelaide which was nothing short of spectacular, and Rockhampton to Brisbane. Flying across Sydney to Adelaide was amazing from an ordinary Virgin Blue 737. No clouds whatsover and crystal clear sky looking down at the vast expanse of nothingness! I think the mountains were the Flinders although a little unsure. But amazing memories!! Want to go back!!

  17. applesweeter says:

    Dear All,

    I have some question about psychology and sociology:

    (1) Why do we relate aeroplanes and aerospace technology with charity and humanity?

    (2) How can aeroplanes and aerospace techonolgy promote charitry and humanity? (eg. ORBIS International use a DC-10 as hospital)

    (3) What should be the design of the next generation of new aeroplane for rescue, medical and disaster relief operation?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your creative ideas and brainstorm!!! :)

  18. fairlygodfather says:

    I sat down in Perth Western Australia watching the show and often wonder what it was like to fly in a streacher

    well I moved to Broken Hill out back Australia and ended up in the local hospital and I was transfered by RFDS to Royal Adelaide hospital

    although we live in NSW the SA hospital is much closer a 1 hour flight compaired to 4 or 5 to Sydney
    i took my camera with me and I got some cool pictures of the outback

  19. lancemckellar says:

    Great show. Not the same once Andrew Mcfarlane and Liz Burch left though. Thanx for the memory!

  20. jakemiller5000 says:

    That last scene with the pilot and his perverted smile. It’s almost as if he wants to rape that nurse or crash the plane intentionally to fuck with them!

  21. RFDSfan says:

    i love this show i love how they kept Kate & Geoffrey to gether in the opening credits
    i was pinged off still when they moved Tom And Anna apart whe they get married in a country practice
    i think Flying Doctors is exellent kids at school think that flying doctors is crappy i don’t a gree with them cuz that is were i get all my Medical learning from even an operation i think i will take Kates Job in FD and A Country Practice love RFDSfan

  22. Andyrt35 says:

    i was lucky enough to live about 40 minutes from Minyip and mum use to take me every 2nd Wednesday after school
    and got to meet alot of the main cast rebecca gibney, Bruce Barry, Lenore smith Liz burch etc all very nice

  23. olmaBLN says:

    Different to the German Opening, but I LOVED THIS SERIES!!! Great characters, ( DJ or Hurtle, Violette, Emma, the bar couple ( Vic & Nancy?? ) and George Baxter… )
    Great pictures, great stories, great acting ( instead the “German” doctor MAGDA, she was so stereotype boring! We are more funny, even in Bavaria ;-) ) … I miss these series so much!! Hopefully they will be shown again on TV…

  24. mikesierrafoxtrot says:

    loved it !!

  25. magy89 says:

    bra show 95

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