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Flying Doctors – Gotta Have Friends – Geoff and Kate proposa

Geoff proposes to Kate in the Flying Doctors Base. Visit my FD website at www toys2u nl/fd (please fill in the blanks with dots)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to “Flying Doctors – Gotta Have Friends – Geoff and Kate proposa”

  1. applesweeter says:

    Dear All,

    I have some question about psychology and sociology:

    (1) Why do we relate aeroplanes and aerospace technology with charity and humanity?

    (2) How can aeroplanes and aerospace techonolgy promote charitry and humanity? (eg. ORBIS International use a DC-10 as hospital)

    (3) What should be the design of the next generation of new aeroplane for rescue, medical and disaster relief operation?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your creative ideas and brainstorm!!! :)

  2. MsJazzzzzzzz says:

    For Flying Doc fans. The last three series; series 7. 8 & 9 will be released on DVD in the UK on 18/1/2010

  3. MsJazzzzzzzz says:

    Season 3 & 4 are out as you said in August the 31st. Season 5 & 6 are out in the UK in October and the remaining three series 7, 8 & 9 are out early 2010…I can’t wait !!

  4. MsJazzzzzzzz says:

    Thanks very much for posting this.Series 1&2 are already out in the UK and Series 3&4 are coming out this summer.This was such a great series.

  5. Flyingdoctorsbigfan says:

    Awsome 5*

  6. susan0815 says:


  7. alma1980sommerregen says:

    I adore the moment when the music in the background begins… *melting away*

  8. sofke1984 says:

    this the best scene
    and i can read the words

  9. sirDaveBow says:

    I love this stuff.

  10. alma1980sommerregen says:

    I love Kates: “WHAAAAT???!!!”
    Have to lough every time I see this clip. Love it, really do.

    ThanX 4 sharing

  11. Justafan1107 says:

    Love this. I cry when I watchthe clip. Love them so much.

  12. doctortrax says:

    Classic stuff! :D

    Naww, Geoff & Kate…

  13. lollypop66 says:

    <3 the Flying Doctors!!

  14. nettibetti says:


  15. villilja says:

    I love it !

  16. justmaz2004 says:

    great video well done

  17. Richarmed says:

    aw..i miss sam and emma in the last part of the series

  18. sallybrown2007 says:

    love it im a great flying doctors fan

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