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Flying Doctors-Broken Airwaves P5

Last part to this episode. AAAAWWWWWWWWWWW Geoff is so sweet.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to “Flying Doctors-Broken Airwaves P5”

  1. marjan12342 says:

    ow the good old times. I miss the flying docters

  2. EveryDAY4God says:

    Aww I can really se the love in his eyes

  3. flow789 says:

    thank you! i know its more of a geoff and kate episode but i love sam and emma! they are the best!

  4. applesweeter says:

    Dear All,

    I have some question about psychology and sociology:

    (1) Why do we relate aeroplanes and aerospace technology with charity and humanity?

    (2) How can aeroplanes and aerospace techonolgy promote charitry and humanity? (eg. ORBIS International use a DC-10 as hospital)

    (3) What should be the design of the next generation of new aeroplane for rescue, medical and disaster relief operation?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your creative ideas and brainstorm!!! :)

  5. susan0815 says:

    Oh…yeah…Geoff is absolutely wonderful!!!
    I must to go watch the episode;-))))))))))))
    I think,the whole episode is fantasic!!!
    Thanks for posting!!!!

  6. sallybrownwolves says:

    geoff and kate are the best

  7. flyingdocsfan says:

    Hey thanks for putting this episode up! Been a fan of The flying Doctors since it was first on tv. Brilliant show, have sum episodes on tape but its awesome to be able to see episodes like this one that i dont have! Thanks so much… really enjoyed it!!!

  8. Justafan1107 says:

    I have always loved that as well. Everybody in the district loves Kate. I do as well.


  9. EnchantedSprings says:

    I love how the old guy at the beginning changes his tune as soon as he hears it’s Kate! :)

  10. Justafan1107 says:

    Yeah he does a bit.

  11. Justafan1107 says:

    Thanks for commenting.

  12. Justafan1107 says:

    yes it is a bit that way.

  13. alma1980sommerregen says:

    maybe I am wrong, but the man in 0:00 – 0:35
    speaks a bit like vic does :)

  14. sallybrownwolves says:

    brilliant episode thankyou

  15. yssie86 says:

    my favorite part.

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