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Flip Wilson Show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali

Here’s a segment of Flip’s show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali

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25 Responses to “Flip Wilson Show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali”

  1. berryjewell says:

    They called him Sweet Chariot (because he was always swinging low). Lol.

  2. thecatatemyhomework says:

    Michelle Obama only wished she looked so good. LOL!!

    Mr. Ali was soooo handsome.

  3. sexymama1966 says:

    i can definitely dance to this theme song..:)

  4. ExodusPessoa says:

    According to the title, which I should of read before asking who he is lol his name is Flip Wilson. Is he still alive? I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him.

  5. ExodusPessoa says:

    I’m 28 years old and this is the first time I’ve seen this. Yo this guy is hilarious who is he?

  6. sexymama1966 says:

    jamie foxx as wanda..martin lawrence as she-nay-nay…lol

  7. philtheduck09 says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Flip Wilson when he came to Portland Oregon for
    the Hot Air Balloon show.

  8. KraziJazlyn says:

    mmm Ali lookin goood

  9. IESAMURAI says:

    This sure brings back some memories, he was a genious and man do I miss his show


  10. woodskier says:

    pass the brown acid

  11. GogoPandamonium says:

    woo hoo, gotta love Madea

  12. YellowTexasRose90 says:

    Flip is the Innovator for Drag Roles … I love him , I am LMAO so hard and Telephone Pocket Book – “Cellphone” … wow , that is way cool.

  13. MultiMm2009 says:

    Love, love, love Flip Wilson. The greatest comedian!

  14. pminner says:

    would that be the first cell phone??

  15. gladteck says:

    a month ago your comment awaited approval and i havent signed on for a month since to approve any comments from anyone. sorry for the wait, your comment is approved now.

  16. newagetomboy says:

    Damn this brought back some memories…I think he was the 1st black man to dress in drag on national tv….as far as male he is the 2nd…that would be Milton Berle…LOL..Now a days its Tyler Perry as Madea.

  17. victor35120 says:

    A telephone pocketbook…Talking about ahead of his time…Flip Wilson was out there!!!!

  18. toriElena says:

    I remember watching this show with my mom when i was a kid. I loved Geraldine. For Christmas one year I got a Flip Wilson doll…it was made like a pillow. Flip was one one side and Geraldine was on the other side. It had a string you could pull to make it talk. One of the things it said was “The devil made me buy this dress!” Wish I still had it today.

  19. lizd04 says:

    humility? did someone change the definition of humility? Ali’s most famous line is “I am the Greatest!”, calling yourself the greatest in your profession isn’t exactly being modest. He was a gentlemen in this clip and a great boxer but I have to disagree with your class and humility comment.

  20. grannyvonng says:

    A telephone pocketbook!

    HA! HA! Prophetic! Here comes the cell phone.

  21. mugvcky says:

    Greatest Comedy Show ever… absolutely hilarious and very cleverly executed… leaves you feeling soo good! (Flip invented the Cellphone…)!!! What incredible foresight and innovation!!! This show used to be so wonderful to wake up to on weekends… I wish TVLAND would rebroadcast….it is a show which will always be enjoyed by all regardless of age… RIP great one!!!

  22. GLatnus says:

    Michelle Obama….lmaof!

  23. mamabear0106 says:

    That’s probably where the cell phone companies got the idea from!

  24. Cynnbadd22 says:

    my gram used to watch this show

  25. WETNWILD85 says:

    Wow,I haven’t seen Flip Wilson in YEARS. I used 2 watch this all the time. Flip has some killer ass legs. I know a lady that act just Geraldine. She always cracks me up. And Muhammad,well he’s just HANDSOME as ever in that fly suit. Now,that’s a REAL MAN.

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