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Flip Wilson Show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali

Here’s a segment of Flip’s show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali
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25 Responses to “Flip Wilson Show with Geraldine and Muhammad Ali”

  1. coldfarted says:

    To whom it may concern.. Flip died November 25, 1998. Thanks for all the laughs Flip.

  2. TheJody1501 says:

    @ExodusPessoa Hard to believe u don’t know who Flip Wilson is. He was absolutely the greatest

  3. sassysandy1000 says:

    he/she has great legs for a guy looked shaved too

  4. psakref says:

    check out the size of Ali`s hand compared to Flips` @4:27. they would knock me into next week

  5. unincorporated1 says:

    Flip was the greatest!!!

  6. Blackwolff9 says:

    This was APPOINTMENT TV back in the day! Every Thursday at 9:00PM PST,we were there an ready for Flip to just floor us all with his fantastic humor and great characters. I just loved the man dearly! His last TV appearance was in the “What Is Hip?” opening of “The Drew Carey Show”. it was great to see him,if only for a moment. Rest in Peace,Flip. And thanks for posting,gladteck.

  7. 9876543217303 says:

    I hate to say this but I had a dress with the same colors in it, that was the style back then and we really thought this was ‘fly’. Geraldine was the coolest act on television and this show was highly rated…. I remember this episode with the ‘telephone pocket book’ hilarious!!!!!! :D

  8. danesesrocky76 says:

    Ali was out talked and made speechless by geraldine!

  9. Dreambro1 says:

    @gladteck I got some good flip wilson Lps, ;-)

  10. yahshuahdotcom says:

    ” a telephone pocketbook”…. wow….. who’d thunk it?

  11. lorimneal says:

    i thought I could talk, but I met my match! LOL

    Let me call him! LOL a telephone pocketbook!! …lol
    Flip was ahead of his time…!lol God, i loved this show as a kid..

  12. julianport says:

    Flip was so funny, way before his time! All of us suffered a loss when he passed on.
    I remember sitting in the car with my dad listing to the Liston- Ali fight on the car radio because it came in better in the car than in the house. I’m 58 years old, white and southern , and I doubt there will ever be another heavyweight champ like Muhammed Ali. He really was the greatest! Not all people from the south are racist, Thanks for posting all these clips of Flip, and especially this one!

  13. suttinlikeamazin says:


  14. mrliveth says:

    I am 23yrs old and I remember watching this show all the time it used to come on tvland my parents watched it I loved it he was a CLEAN comic I could never watch pryor bc he used profanity all the time but as a child I loved the flip wilson show this is where “the devil made me do it” came 2 life! did you all know that he had 24 siblings WOW!

  15. cdcnyy says:

    You wished your momma could look that good.

  16. chardydayday says:

    “Dont hurt him cause he’s one of us” lol! I love Flip!

  17. mightyblack1 says:

    Mrs. Obama looks better because she’s a real woman.

  18. macman237 says:

    God Flip was a funny SOB! Sure brings back memories….

    TV is garbage today

    RIP Flip ;)

  19. plumafina says:

    “Telephone pocketbook”: talk about looking into the future!

  20. GaryG660 says:

    Yes, Flip Wilson was a wonderfully talented comedian. He was able to make everyone laugh without the F word in every sentence.

  21. lenny301 says:

    I loved Flip. My aunt would fall on the floor laughing at him when he came on TV.

  22. Kind67 says:

    Sadly he’s no longer alive, but during the 70s, he was really hot–but not as hat as Geraldine!!! ;-) Seriously, though, he was a great comedian but he had a genuine warm-hearted persona, sort of like if Perry Como was a comedian instead of a singer. Geraldine was sort of an alter-ego where he could tell more hard-edged jokes without spoiling his likeable persona. Flip was one of my favorite comedians of that time and I miss him very much.

  23. hangovergirl67 says:

    Thanks for posting! Love the Flip Wilson Show

  24. sallythewerewolf says:

    Flip is sadly no longer with us–but it’s fantastic to see so many young people meetinghim and getting to know his work through YouTube! You MUST listen to “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress”.

  25. berryjewell says:

    They called him Sweet Chariot (because he was always swinging low). Lol.

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