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Flip Wilson Show opening theme intros

Here’s a set of 4 Flip Wilson Show intros.
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25 Responses to “Flip Wilson Show opening theme intros”

  1. determination9995757 says:

    I know that death is a part of life, but I sure hate it when death takes someone you truly, truly love. This was Flip, and all other wonderful and beatufiul people that help make life a little bit more bearable. Thank you Flip.

  2. DG3744 says:

    he doesnt come out dancing like ellen!

  3. mphk55 says:

    Man thank you thank you for posting this. The music is the bomb. And I cant find if its a song. But the repeat of it is so kool. Man wish I knew it was a song…

  4. ElectricBlueOil says:

    He was the Bill Cosby of the 70s.

  5. markojameow says:

    So true. I would not walk around looking like a pimp or a street thug, either, but as a girl I hate it when 12-year-olds walk around a suburban neighborhood like common streetwalkers. I see where you’re coming from – and, yes, I have a decade’s start on you. But the thing is, men’s fashions seem to have a longer shelf life than their female counterparts, for better or worse. (In this case, worse.)

  6. thewipsportsfan says:

    and it was wall to wall wannabe thugs with anger and behavioral problems many of the people who I went to school with are now in their late 20s and 30s and still dressing like this as if the 90s never ended and that their style is still “becoming”. Judging by your previous posts you are probably are a decade older than I and did not have to deal with it like I did. at least the disco, grunge and hair-band people of their respective eras grew up and matured.

  7. thewipsportsfan says:

    that too. hand in hand. they are IMO one and the same pimps and ho’s. none better none worse equally BAD taste. Actually I do think that the “thug culture ” and the reladed whore fashion is part of a bigger Moral problems that I wish not to speak about here and I don’t blame those who blindly follow it , but those execs who shove it in my face as acceptable behavior and don’t get me startedon Ms Spears. please pardon me for my waxing on the thug stuff but I went to school during the 90s &….

  8. markojameow says:

    It’s sloppy and it’s in poor taste, but it could be worse. Every time I see schoolgirls walk around in kilts that barely cover their butt cheeks, I want to roll the windows of my car down and shout, “Auditioning for the Pussycat Dolls, huh?” That 1990s Britney Spears video did nothing to improve the image of Catholic schoolgirls everywhere – and I attended one of them in the 1980s.

  9. thewipsportsfan says:

    yeah and don’t forget those pants sagging down to past the knees yep Jail-culture fashion!

  10. markojameow says:

    Remember those baby tees, MC Hammer pants and, of course, grunge? Two of those ’90s monstrosities have made a comeback in the late 2000s. I just hope they don’t bring back those baby tees – they even made Pamela Anderson look like, well, a slut. (Not that it’s hard for her to begin with.)

  11. thewipsportsfan says:

    Even the 90s! and don’t anyone dispute me on that!

  12. thewipsportsfan says:

    yeah even if you did’nt like the show the lights and the intro made it somewhat palatable

  13. markojameow says:

    I guess that each decade has at least one or two fashion trends that are, or were, in really bad taste. The 1970s were notorious for loud colors, extreme designs and some questionable fabrics. (Polyester doubleknit wasn’t comfortable in any season of the year.) But, heck, that decade didn’t really try to be like any other, and that was part of its, let’s say, charm.

  14. DelilahThePig says:

    I never cared much for the show, but loved the funky intro lights. Seeing these clips three times in a row, the last arrow kind of looks like a middle finger.

  15. thewipsportsfan says:

    BTW is that John Harlan (Name That Tune, You don;t Say) Announcing?

  16. thewipsportsfan says:

    Filp was a treasure It;s hard to believe that He has been gone more than 10 years now

  17. thewipsportsfan says:

    100% right! I have a Big screen HDTV less than 2 years old and barely watch it.
    I’watch the Youtube more than the TV now

  18. thewipsportsfan says:

    your confusing the EARLY 70s with the LATE 70s. much of the bad fashion took place in the latter. people still had a slight kind of sophistication then

  19. kachoo2135 says:

    Thanks to Flip, I knew what to name a new Siamese cat I got that year – his name was Leroy.

  20. LoveAmericaStyle says:

    Location March 31st 2009Time 6 PM
    Building next to 130 Bowery St Suite 302
    Happy Vacation
    helainet(at)happyvacations com

    Spread the word. I never got to the Cigar Store. 3 movie producers from France, Switzerland & Romania talked with me.
    They gave me two great cigars that cost over $150. They made me smoke them both in 20 minutes so I could puke for the movie camera. They advertise in High Times Magazine,Sports Illustrated & The Guardian.
    They are flying to Helsinki next.
    Jeff Fisher

  21. blueshooby says:

    I met Flip Wilson in 1993 in Nice in south of France, I had no idea who he was and didn’t care, which amused him, he would look at me at times and say you really don’t know who I am do you? nope I’d reply and Flip would just leave it there, never telling a thing of his past. I hung with him and his family for a week, and didn’t realize who he was until I returned to England and checked him out on the internet. Flip was a totally cool character and I’ll never forget him….R.I.P my friend.

  22. jjlucash says:

    I know, right? That’s the specific one I remember the best. :D

  23. markojameow says:

    So true. Though I liked the wrap dresses from that era, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing skin-tight satin pants or, if I were a guy, a shirt opened mid-chest and practically covered with medallions and chains. Those things were in really bad taste.

  24. joecrewdog says:

    Heck NBC at 8pm. Thursday if I remember right? Flip was the man! 1970-1974. Loved watching him! Still have his LP’s. BTW, R.I.P. Flip…. He went too soon.

  25. jjlucash says:

    This is when TVLand used to be good.

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