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FLIP WILSON SHOW – David Frost interviews Geraldine Jones

1970 FLIP WILSON SHOW – David Frost interviews Geraldine Jones

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25 Responses to “FLIP WILSON SHOW – David Frost interviews Geraldine Jones”

  1. Mandinko23 says:

    i love it when she does that “wow touch down” love that line and the little dance she does.

  2. phlashba says:

    I had this on an LP when I was a kid —– I thought Geraldine was the greatest! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  3. Stuntmanshawnee says:

    Geraldine is Hot! Killer is gonna be jealous. Honey.

  4. MagicalMysteryTube says:

    @ja3399 Ever heard Flip’s telling of the Go Rilla? Hilarious! I think there’s a video of him doing it here on YouTube. (I actually have it on an old vinyl LP.) Reverend Leroy of the Church of What’s Happenin’ Now, speaking to the Go Rilla: “Just look at you! You got hair…. all over your nasty face!” WHAAAAA!!!! You have to hear Flip do it.

  5. ja3399 says:

    @MagicalMysteryTube I agree, you don’t have to have a dirty mouth in order to make timely, biting, right-on, challenging comments. I can appreciate those who say what they want to say in a crude way, but Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson took this to a higher level. Flip, RIP. I like to come here to “Tube to see Geraldine again and again. She was so much more honest than any politicians now. Long Live Geraldine. So good to hear from Geraldine fans. ;.

  6. ja3399 says:

    Priceless! Long Live Geraldine!!!!!

  7. Stuntmanshawnee says:

    @lamontlewis interesting.”Cut & Paste” tech.

  8. lamontlewis says:

    Here’s Geraldine Jones (Flip Wilson character) using his term “What you see is what you get”, The term inspired Palo Alto Research Center to use it to describe their “Cut & Paste” technology,

  9. determination9995757 says:

    Flip looks just like Fantasia Barrino LOL !!!!! no disrespect to either is intended.

  10. boogiebear64 says:

    He took all of her, straight off the stage. Great laughs!!

  11. jjlucash says:

    I’m SO glad you left the theme song on. <3

  12. dougallsdiscs says:

    Does anyone have a Video of Flip Wilson doing a Comedy sketch about Midgets?.I rmember parts of it,it was one of his BEST ever,I loved it.Thanks,Murray in Scorland.

  13. MagicalMysteryTube says:

    @valleyloverboi Yes indeed. What a great show. Both Cosby and Wilson proved you could be funny without a dirty mouth.

  14. diannah95 says:

    Rofl @ killer gave me a ring…i just couldn’t keep up the payments. We used to say ‘what you see is what you get at work’ all the time. Flip was so amazing. R.I.P. my Friend

  15. brieluvsKISS says:

    i luv her intro! Whoo! lol

  16. bagger101 says:

    dont fight the feeling lolol brings back the great days

  17. cytharea says:

    outtasight. Sir David was an excellent foil.

  18. StraightEdgeNate says:

    i dont drink i dont smoke and i dont do windows. haha that is so funny

  19. StraightEdgeNate says:

    i dont drink i dont smoke and i dont do windows. haha that is so funny

  20. lowfuellevel says:

    I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t do windows!!! So funny, love you Flip! xoxoxo

  21. TheMikester307 says:

    I keep forgetting that’s Flip under there! I remember this episode! Years later I went to H.S. with someone just like Geraldine…

  22. mspoorlife says:

    Flip was a great comedy entertainer, I miss you!!

  23. mspoorlife says:

    @bbbtt, Did u mean that Flip Wilson had already pass away??

  24. bbbtttoooppp says:

    Flip Wonderful Humor We Miss You Brother All Of Heavens Laughing…

  25. retroeddie says:

    Wow…brings me back to my childhood. I used to love to watch Flip Wilson/Geraldine when I was a kid…he/she still makes me laugh! Love ya Flip!

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