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Flintstones – Happy Anniversary

The Flintstones “Happy Anniversary” video clip.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Flintstones – Happy Anniversary”

  1. Pickles10175 says:

    @Aniforce haha good points but you’re definitely over thinking the whole thing(:

  2. Aniforce says:

    First of all, does Wilma sleep with her pearls on and in her dress?
    Second, Fred Flinstones took a piano and 5 men into her wife’s bedroom?
    Third, Wilma slept in a single bed? I thought they were married!

    Oh boy… well, happy 50th Aniversary flinstones…!

  3. Dumlebumpen says:

    More like a waste of 50 years…. I hated that show. So boring.
    The onlything good about it was the intro and the outro/credits, otherwise it was an annoyingly overrated peice of crap.

    Guess who? :P

  4. psu68born says:

    raising my hand hihg

  5. itubenowplease says:

    so exited downloading the full series 30gb file about %80 should finish up today or tomorow :D

  6. tinabearmattern says:

    How appropriate! Two Freddies celebrating an anniversary!!!! Thanks, Brian!

  7. TheBlejdon says:


  8. ToBetterSkin says:

    @robinzhooded Better take off your Tinfoil hat there and lighten up. The world is not full of conservative conspiracies. Everyone is going to be ok. Holy cow…oops, I just said holy!

  9. 01LunaMoonDragon says:

    *chuckles* I dedicate this to my hubby…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!!!

  10. Etrigan2500 says:

    i wonder who’s singing that song

  11. balanar4o says:


  12. Juliaflo says:

    @kascnef82 I also hope that Boomerang honors this Golden Jubilee with a Flintstones marathon.

  13. kascnef82 says:

    @Juliaflo I hope WB releases Flintstones show on bluray as its was released on DVD and VHS before.

  14. robinmadrid says:

    I’m old enough to remember when that played on Saturday morning TV

  15. RTApril says:

    @robinzhooded LOL! Yeah and the Donald Duck cartoons are really American Medical Association ads promoting speech therapy for water fowl. Tennessee Tuxedo is really a PETA spokesman advocating better education for penguins and walruses.

    If you are being funny, you’re hilarious! You gotta do Last Comic Standing or something. If you are being serious, you’re scary. If you honestly think The Flintstones has any type of religious agenda, you may be able to benefit some anti-psychotic drugs.

  16. HW415 says:


    easy does it ! it was all in fun ! Love Fred !

  17. robinzhooded says:

    As I child, I loved this show. Yet again, as a child, I swallowed everything the church fed me as well. But when I grew up, I decided to view this show again, and was shocked at the content.
    This cartoon promotes the Christian science Creationism, which declares that the Earth is 6000 years old and humans lived with dinosaurs. And lo and behold, there is Dino, living with the cavemen. It makes me sick to think that once upon a time, all our children were watching this smut.

  18. perspect19 says:

    ahhh….I remember watching this episode with my brother when we were little. This was one of my favourite episodes…
    Love the song :)
    Thanks for the upload

  19. ChertotheZ says:


  20. prkendora says:

    An hilarious episode.

  21. RichYan33 says:

    @TwistaG Possessed by the devil?

  22. TnseWlms says:

    The scary thing is, I saw this cartoon before I ever heard the Lone Ranger theme or the William Tell overture, so to this day whenever I hear either tune I have a habit of singing “happy anniversary” to it.

  23. Metqa says:

    Wow I wish I had that song as an MP3 without the dialogue to play for all the anniversaries.

  24. 89loreal says:

    Thanks so much for posting this…..Every time someone has an anniversary, I think of this episode and the song goes through my head…..over and over and over….and for the younger ones, it’s so hard trying to explain this….so thanks again….

  25. comowhite4 says:

    @TwistaG I KNOW RIGHT!!?? That’s bloody weird!

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