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Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

This old tv commercial is totally unbelievable! In the Flintstones’ first season on ABC, the original sponsor was Winston Cigarettes. If they tried this today they would have a riot on their hands!
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25 Responses to “Flintstones Cigarette Commercial”

  1. skinoff89 says:

    jesus christ i didnt ask for its life story barney

  2. stanleyibkiss94 says:

    i know i probably shouldnt say this, but AWESOME!

  3. coreybusby says:

    Not a big fan of Winston. Bigger fan of Silver, Pall Mall & Salem.

  4. Trancemaniac3000 says:

    you can definitely tell which time period came from. They don’t advertise cigarettes on tv anymore

  5. Duggysgurl says:

    … =0

  6. TheLANC95 says:

    I think my childhood was just kicked in the balls.

  7. Werdna3791 says:

    :OOOO FRED!!!! NO!!! BAD FRED!!! >:[

  8. videogameboi999 says:

    I can’t beleive they had children’s cartoon characters promoting unhealthy crap like ciggaretes and meth.

  9. ruaxhatsafon says:

    @Anonymous343434 the flintstones was a tv show for adults

  10. krizowy says:

    Super, old school, TV Ad! :)

  11. oosaf says:

    Nowadays it would be a black and mild

  12. dredlord200 says:

    LOL i always thought my science teacher was joking about this commercial existing

  13. chris16447 says:

    @Anonymous343434 Children? This is technically a show for adults.

  14. ACruelPicture says:


  15. Anonymous343434 says:

    Yeah, people are too sensitive, all they’re doing is trying to sell drugs to children.

  16. MyBedrock123 says:

    i luv dis video

  17. crashinator1 says:

    cartoons smoking real cigarettes…how do they do that?

  18. Doonoo888 says:

    @Tsuguera you got a point

  19. Tsuguera says:

    thanks hanna barbera, thanks flintstones, you contributed a lot with cancer in the world

  20. godamnyouall says:

    Have a Winston and STFU.

  21. kascnef82 says:

    i have this commercial on an old cd-rom. When I saw this, I was shocked. Then I read that this cartoon was sponsored by Winston Cigarettes. The first animated prime time cartoon ever in America sponsored by a Cigarette company. Was this the first in the world?

  22. mapleva says:

    Although this seams unlikely now, you have to put it in context with the times.

  23. kimbolton111 says:

    @TheMarshymc NO ITS NOT !!! its called the truth where are you even from and what class is your family you stupid fuck i am right cigerettes was fashionable and EVERYONE DONE IT YOU CUNT and to prove im right why do you think there using a fucking kids programe to promote cigerettes whos the fucking retard now fuck you im so much better than you i belive your gonna die a slow and painfull death you worthless cunt dont even reply to this your useless DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE YOU CUNT DIE!!!!!

  24. doctorseaweed says:

    No wonder Dinosaurs are extinct.

  25. vietcongporn says:

    @MRLOL785 lol funny

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