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First appearance of Jo Grant – Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons – BBC

The Physician is in no mood for becoming interrupted by the enthusiastic Jo Grant. Classic clip from the 1971 four-portion story ‘Terror of the Autons’ starring Jon Pertwee. Watch much more videos on the new Classic Physician Who YouTube channel here: and get the most recent Classic Physician Who news at
Video Rating: four / five

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11 Responses to “First appearance of Jo Grant – Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons – BBC”

  1. penninefilms says:

    Why can’t doctor who return to story’s like this instead of al theses big adventurers and just get back to the doctor and his companion.

  2. JuddonMaster says:

    This is brilliant it clearly shows us why the classic assistants are better

  3. TardisCreation says:

    The third doctor is one of the best classic doctors to me.

  4. MrEduardoMF says:

    Too bad the clip doesnt have the Brigadier explaining to the Doctor why Jo Grant is the perfect assisstant

  5. Neocrater says:

    @ankharris It’s blue. It’s just an old tape and the quality’s not so hot.

  6. whochick07 says:

    “I thought you took an A-level in science.”

    “I didn’t say I passed.”

  7. mrmistertibbles says:

    Cheeky doctor!

    Poor Jo

  8. HelpMyNamesTaken says:


  9. fedredted says:

    Great episode

  10. ankharris says:

    The TARDIS looks gray-greenish. Why?

  11. PaulMichaels2010 says:

    Poor Jo. She didn’t get off to a good start with the Doctor.

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