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Fire Department – 1960′s Davey & Goliath

Davey & Goliath: “Officer Bob”
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25 Responses to “Fire Department – 1960′s Davey & Goliath”

  1. luridplanet says:

    Davey was sort of an idiot because he never remembered the lessons he learned. Next episode he is causing trouble again.

  2. JoeyPencils says:

    @SethPascal they episodes were metaphors

  3. JoeyPencils says:

    @ole9421 I remember this show well

  4. heebieandjeebie says:

    I am 47 and grew up watching this show every sunday morning at it!

  5. hawknelson913 says:


  6. toma3729 says:

    These days can never be recreated. Life was so much more simple!!!!
    What happened to ALL the corporate sponsors that made these show happen!!!!!!

  7. toma3729 says:

    These days can never be recreated. Life was so much more simple!!!!

  8. LowEarthOrbitPilot says:

    Thank you for posting these videos; I remember them from when I was a child. The messages are timeless, and fit for every human.

  9. ole9421 says:

    @thebeastlacey Thanks for your kind remarks and good to hear from another who learned from it as I did.

  10. ole9421 says:

    @SethPascal You have to watch more than just one of these episodes to fully appreciate what it was trying to teach. I don’t blame you for wondering what’s so great about it especially at your age and only after viewing this one single episode. I didn’t claim it was the best of anything, just good. I know there are others out there who grew up on it and also share fond memories of it. Those are the ones I was attempting to connect with by my post. Wasn’t looking to start an argument. Peace

  11. ole9421 says:

    @SethPascal What values? Respect and empathy for others, tolerance, integrity, love, racism, personal resposibility. It obviously had a heavy slant toward Christianity and learning to put your faith in god. I ignored that aspect of it and instead decided to believe in myself and have faith in my own conscious. Looking at it now at the age of 46 I admit it seems pretty goofy and bland. But to the mind of a young child it presented life situations that always had a good moral message.

  12. SethPascal says:

    I’m about to be 43, and an atheist, and never ever watched an episode of this show until i saw your comment. So I watched it. WTF? What values? I’m truly curious.

  13. thebeastlacey says:

    @ole9421 I think your post was right on my friend. Whatever our beliefs are, we should ALL promote values and live lives of virtue. We’re the same age and I have fond memories of the show as well. Thanks for the post!

  14. gl797 says:

    He gave Sally a ride as she sat on the handlebars which caused Davey to lose control of the bike.

  15. Talentwarriordance14 says:

    @gl797 how was riding the bike disobeying?

  16. sergiouriel210 says:

    @tyme4mike from what i can remember i think davey rode sally on his bike’s handlebars and both fell and the bike broke

  17. gl797 says:

    @tyme4mike Davey promised to Officer Bob that he would obey all the rules, Sally is late for a music lesson so Davey gives her a ride on his bike while she sits on the handle bars. They crash and Davey is ashamed to see Officer Bob.

    The wonders of Google.

  18. ole9421 says:

    I’m 46 years old. I grew up watching this show. Loved it! Funny, I’m an atheist but I do believe and cherish the values this show promoted.

  19. Wa3ypx says:

    officer bob should have taken off on work comp with that neck injury, that could have been his ticket out

  20. Wa3ypx says:

    why did the doughnut eater jump on with the hose draggers?

  21. Hamishowns says:

    3:30 THE AMBULANCE! Brilliant, look at his facial expression.

  22. BrokenRose024 says:

    6:13 is cut out, I don’t know what scene it is but it jumps from there to when he sits at the dinner table. Just pointing that out…I wonder what he did so wrong?

  23. FarelTheGecko says:

    Pardon me but am I wrong and some stuff was missing?

  24. saphopoem says:

    Umm why is Officer Bob driving the fire engine instead of firemen?

  25. gamewizard says:


    The Old Testament is not evil. The people who were punished for their sins in it were.

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