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Final Tomorrow Show w/ Chevy Chase attacking NBC and Rex Reed

This is the final episode of the Tomorrow show. Chevy Chase attacks Rex Reed for insulting remarks he produced about John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd throughout a recent evaluation of “Neighbors” and then insults NBC for cancelling the Tomorrow Show.
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25 Responses to “Final Tomorrow Show w/ Chevy Chase attacking NBC and Rex Reed”

  1. evagrubb says:

    @snakeguy76 I think you’re right. It’s ironic the Chevy Chase clearly didn’t think much of “Vacation” when he was promoting it. He seemed to feel that “Deal of the Century” (coming out a few months later) was going to be his big hit.

  2. snakeguy76 says:

    Thanksfully this vid stops before the clip of Modern Problems. Chevy had a great movie with Foul Play but the three stinkers – Modern problems, Over the Rainbow and Heavenly Dog (?) were horrible. Vacation saved him; I think if that movie had flopped he would have been finished.

  3. trublu71 says:

    You never see this honesty from celebrities these days. Chevy was right.

  4. lonsumtravlr says:

    @lonsumtravlr oh, no, I know that about colbert (though this is what I meant by “I’m saying this long after”–I see that wasn’t clear). around–the roast was 2002, right?–this time maron had gotten a lot more press than he had in the 90s, but he was still more underground. he wasn’t an a-lister then. he had a one-man show and was on air america, I think, then.

    And chevy’s sooooooooo right about rex reed. I never liked him, either. Only good thing about him: he mocked himself on “The Critic”.

  5. eirikwegga says:

    @lonsumtravlr If Colbert had been really big back then that would’ve helped quite a bit. Colbert had never met him either by the way (don’t know about Marc Maron).

    He was hurt that none of the famous people who knew him showed up. I read about all the big names who declined and the various excuses they made in an article.

    And no, they weren’t ALL D-listers.

  6. lonsumtravlr says:

    @eirikwegga Of course I’m saying this long after, but I don’t think Stephen Colbert and Marc Maron count as “D-Listers.” (At least not anymore…)

  7. drex23100 says:

    I thought Neighbors was funnier than a gut full of pinworms.

  8. WintersWar says:

    chase was always a light weight. snyder too.

  9. dedbusted says:

    Tom is great!
    Back when television was intelligent!

  10. ricarleite says:

    He was totally wrong about Letterman.

  11. redcat10 says:

    “you never burn the bridge” and chase wonders why NOBODY showed up to his roast

  12. meliachild says:

    Love ya Chevy…Comedy genius!

  13. eirikwegga says:

    @hamletmiss There have been countless stories to the contrary, but it has been said that the horrible Friars Club roast deeply affected him and made him think about his behavior. He said himself to EW that Schaffer talked to him for hours in his hotel room afterwards trying to comfort him. He described it as the lowest point in his life. Hardly any of his “friends” showed up, and a bunch of young d-listers who had never met him mocked him without mercy. And this was right after that SNL book

  14. moh1612 says:

    I saw alot of Fletch in that interview. Chevy Chase still has the Fletch syndrome, i.e. the wise& smart ass jokes lol.

  15. moh1612 says:

    Interviewer: “Fletch i want you to murder me, do you own rubber gloves?”

    Fletch: ” No i lease them with an option to buy!”

  16. cincyblows says:

    Typical Hollywood stupidity: bash others but when someone bashes you or your friends, complain. Hey Chevy, you’re a puss.

  17. womangirlman says:

    @alkinney484 i really really want to meet him. i’ve had a crush on him since i can remember.

  18. saveus2132 says:

    @sandwichestime If anyone knows disasters it’s Chevy Chase lol.

  19. SgtTravisBickle says:

    @MartinKoolhoven What? Neighbors is AWESOMESAUCE!

  20. jgraz42 says:

    @MartinKoolhoven Only a simple mind couldn’t understand Neighbors, lol

  21. bhayes06 says:

    Chevy was wrong about Letterman in the Late Night slot.

  22. thisislandearth says:

    Neighbors is AWESOME! Classic 80′s!

  23. PettyPettyWoodChuck says:

    @sandwichestime nice

  24. GrassValleyGreg says:

    Ok.. I’m sorry, Rex. You’re a great guy. LMAO

    Chevy’s the man

  25. GenoPeppino says:

    @corebare By the time Caddyshack had come around the two had already buried the hatchet.

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