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Father Knows Finest Clip

Bud gets a Cushman Scooter (looks to be a 1947 Road King model.)

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  1. badattitude77769 says:

    @dkw12002 After a couple of million miles driving big rigs, it is still amazing to me that 80,000 pounds, wind, traffic, stop and go, mountains, that they can get up to seven miles per gallon. Would be cool if we all stopped drinking overpriced water in plastic made from oil.

  2. badattitude77769 says:

    @dkw12002 I liked them too, but ended up with an 88 inch stroked harley shovelhead.

  3. dkw12002 says:

    @tubz2965a Scooters use a Constantly Variable Transmission which sounds like a centrifugal clutch to me. Anyway even when it slows down, the engine doesn’t stall so you could climb a hill easily going walking speed. In fact, I suppose you could walk it up a really steep hill to assist the engine. There’s no shifting gears on the newer scooters either..just a throttle and two hand brakes. It’s really simple. I put on over 20 miles today running errands on mine. 80 degrees in New Braunfels, TX.

  4. tubz2965a says:

    42 level and 10 for big hills. That’s quite a change! I remember my 57 Cushman Highlander had a centrifugal clutch (no gears), and it was a real dog until you got it going. You mentioned I should get another scooter. Well, I should have, because I spent about as much on a hobby of vintage computers to more than buy me a scooter, in the past few years, and now I’ve kind of lost interest in the vintage computers.

  5. dkw12002 says:

    @tubz2965a Haha. I see some of those old Sears mopeds are around. If I were more mechanical, I might even try to find one, but I think the modern scooters are more dependable and powerful. The Aprilia actually goes 42 mph on a level road, but slows down to 10 going up hills. My neighbor owns the dealership in town too, so I got a deal (I think). $1750 including tax, title, registration which made the cost of the new 2009 scooter itself $1515. Go get another one. You only live once!

  6. tubz2965a says:

    We share the same story, I saw the mopeds in Sears catalog and wanted one something fierce as a kid. My Dad bought me a 1957 used Cushman Highlander. Later I bought a Zundapp Bella scooter to ride to high school and still later I moved on and had 3 different motorcyces A Honda and two Triumphs. Haven’t been on a bike since 1971, but I’d still like a scooter! At 67, that’s about all I could handle around the neighborhood.
    Congrats on the Aprilia!

  7. dkw12002 says:

    Yes, something you always wanted she said. I remember Mopeds for sale in the Sears Roebuck catalog in 1958. I wore out the page dreaming about that. I wanted one so bad but my parents (wisely) would not let me have one. They were Puch and Motobecanes as I recall…very well made. Anyway I NEVER got over that. To make a long story short, I bought a 50 cc. (Aprilia) scooter recently at age 65 and I LOVE it.

  8. tubz2965a says:

    I also had a Cushman as a kid in 1958. Mine was the Cushman Highlander. The ‘Husky’ name refers to the engine on the scooter.

  9. willibill1 says:

    I had a 1957 husky kinda like that when i was a kid in the 60;s Tough heavy old schooter.

  10. tubz2965a says:

    Thanks for that bit of info. I wasn’t aware of his motorcycle interest.

  11. JimmieHiggins says:

    @tubz2965a In the late 70′s I use to watch Billy Gray race flat-track motorcycles.

  12. tubz2965a says:

    Yes, Elinor is the elder daughter and Lauren Chapin is the younger daughter.
    Bud was played by Billy Gray with the parents being Jane Wyatt and Robert Young.

  13. ccluw123 says:

    Is Elinor Donahue the elder daughter?

  14. Dny150 says:

    sooo classic! I’ve never watched it, but my parents used to love it!

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