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Father Knows Best: Season Three

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  1. David Von Pein says:
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    David Von Pein (Mooresville, Indiana; USA) –
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    This review is from: Father Knows Best: Season Three (DVD)

    On June 9, 2009, “Shout! Factory” released the third season of one of the best sitcoms ever to come down South Maple Street in Springfield (or any other street in America) — “Father Knows Best”.

    After watching the first three discs of this 5-Disc DVD set, I’d have to say that Season 3 is even better than the first two seasons of FKB. But Season 1 and Season 2 are darn good too (even if some of the first-year shows aren’t “uncut”).

    I’m not an expert, but it seems to me as though the writing for the third year is a certain degree above the earlier seasons. I haven’t noticed a misfire yet (through Disc 3, that is). These episodes are simply outstanding–every one of them–and I just felt like writing this review to say that.

    But the thing that really prompted me to dash to the computer today to write these comments is one particular scene in the episode called “Swiss Family Anderson” (on Disc 3). That episode originally aired on network television over 50 years ago (on January 9, 1957), but it still seems fresh and relevant even today.

    The scene in question occurs six minutes into the “Swiss” episode, just as the Anderson family is sitting down to dinner. Jim (Robert Young) begins to tell the rest of the family about how a work colleague of his wants him to take a look at an “island” property and size it up for a possible purchase (at the pretty good price of only $1,500).

    What impressed me most about that dining-room scene is the way it was filmed and how it was “choreographed” (so to speak). The first 90 seconds of the scene were shot in one long, continuous take, without the camera moving one inch.

    During that long, continuous shot, the family members are talking and filling their dinner plates by passing them around the table until everybody’s got everything they need. It’s like a ballet with the ham and potatoes.

    After the camera cuts away from that long take, we get another fairly-lengthy unbroken take from the other side of the dining table, with Betty (Elinor Donahue) providing a very funny moment as she tries to convince “father” to add some more shower heads to the upstairs bathroom — “Nowadays, everyone has two heads! Lots of people have THREE!” [LOL.]

    (BTW, I guess perhaps I’m just old-fashioned or out of touch, but I have never seen a shower or bathtub that has had more than one shower head in it. And why in the world would anyone need two or three shower heads anyway? Does Betty plan on taking a shower with two additional people at the same time or something?) ~shrug~

    Anyway, I suppose that scene really isn’t anything super-special or unusual (there are probably similar scenes in other FKB episodes, and in other TV series too), but for some reason that scene I just described stood out for me when I watched it (and then rewatched it again right away, because I thought it was very good).

    I think it’s a good example of the high quality of this television series. The actors never miss a beat, the dialogue seems natural at all times (and the “shower head” banter was a truly hilarious moment), and the “plate dance” was a nice touch too. I just wonder if the aired version of that scene was Take #1? Or Take #21? :)

    As for the other Season-Three episodes I’ve watched thus far, as I mentioned, I haven’t seen a dud in the bunch yet, and this includes “Never In Twain”, “Margaret Hires A Gardener”, “The Great Guy”, “The Family Goes To New York”, and the very touching episode entitled “The Homing Pigeon”.

    In addition to the above episodes, this set also contains one of the very best (and surprisingly-exciting) episodes of any TV series I have ever seen. It’s entitled “Short Wave”, and after watching it for the first time, I found myself wanting to immediately watch this excellent, well-acted, and unusual episode again — and I did.

    I won’t spoil the plot of “Short Wave”, but if you’ve got this DVD collection and haven’t yet watched that episode — go watch it now. It’s a winner.

    The third-season DVD set also has several bonus features (some on each disc), including three complete episodes of the radio version of “Father Knows Best?” (yes, with a question mark at the end of the title).

    Plus, there are two full episodes of Robert Young’s short-lived series “Window On Main Street”, which premiered in 1961, shortly after FKB left the air.

    These third-season episodes of “Father Knows Best” seem to be complete and unedited too (25+ minutes per show), with the word “uncut” appearing on the back cover of the DVD’s…

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  2. Mars Velvet says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Season to Remember……, June 13, 2009
    Mars Velvet (Green Tree, Blue Earth…Deep Space) –
    This review is from: Father Knows Best: Season Three (DVD)

    Father Knows Best Season 3 is the Season I have been waiting to receive for a long time. Season Three contains some really great uncut gems. The Andersons had situated themselves in America’s Conscious and the stories of Season Three are brilliant, funny, touching, and heartwarming.

    Some Highlights:

    “Short Wave”: Bud gets a shortwave radio set and picks up the distress call from a family (much like the Andersons) out on a boat during a terrible storm as their engines fail and take in water. The coast guard cannot hear the distress but due to skipping short waves the Andersons hear it all. This is an edge of the seat episode filled with tension. Will the Andersons come to the rescue of the family at sea?

    “Brief Holiday”: Margaret Anderson is the most stable force in the Anderson household. She is the hub around which everyone revolves. So why is Margaret feeling tired of being in a rut? What makes her go to Orleans Street (a sorta French Quarter of Springfield, who knew, lol) to buy a hat, eat French food and have her portrait drawn? Is she no longer satisfied with just being a devoted Mom and Wife?

    “The Angel’s Sweater”: Aunt Neva is visiting the Andersons at Christmastime. Neva hates children and yells at Kathy over something minor. Kathy hears a story about Christmas that transports the audience back to a Dickenesque Christmas. Will Neva be transformed by the true meaning of Christmas?

    “Betty and Jet Pilot”: Bud discovers the helmet of a Jet Pilot in a parking lot and returns it to the pilot with his family. After being treated to a jet ride, the Pilot becomes enamoured of Betty. The story builds to the prospect of marriage right before a decision is made by the Air Force whether or not to send the pilot to Alaska. Will Betty’s pilot stay and marry her or will there be a bittersweet ending?

    Other gems include: “The Spelling Bee” (Kathy’s beief that a lucky coin enables her to spell hard words), “Safety First” (Bud gets a traffic ticket while his dad is Chairman of the Safe Driving Committee), “The Old Days” (where Bud and Betty become their parents and Jim and Margaret become Bud and Betty, for a dance). As usual with the releases there are 2 episodes of the “Window on Main Street Show” (a short lived show starring Robert Young after FKB). Also included are three FKB radio programs.

    When TV LAND came to being FKB was one of the shows on their network. Now that TV LAND has left the era of the old Black&White sitcoms of the 50s and 60s for the sitcoms of the 70s,80s, and 90s… DVD is the only realm you will find such a great old family program such as Father Knows Best!

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  3. MusicFilm Fan says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Keep issuing this entertaining show!!, March 2, 2009
    MusicFilm Fan (Wash., DC) –
    This review is from: Father Knows Best: Season Three (DVD)

    I’m very glad to see that Season 3 of Father Knows Best will be coming fairly soon. Like the Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best is a very entertaining family comedy, and I hope they continue with the remaining seasons in short order!

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