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Fat Albert Opening Theme

HEY HEY HEY! It’s the Fat Albert Opening theme
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posted by chris in Kid's Shows and have Comments (25)

25 Responses to “Fat Albert Opening Theme”

  1. GhostOfACPast says:

    Those were such wonderful times to be a kid in.

  2. DrClawizdead says:

    You just like school on a Saturday.

    No class!

  3. randommoosebrains says:

    you gotta love the intro’s fuzzy guitar XD

  4. randommoosebrains says:

    @CPtheboss69 lol hahahahha XD your comment made my day!

  5. tokiwartooth95 says:

    You think you so slick you punkass, blasphemous, dope fiend bitch?

  6. sickweirdo says:

    @zfan122 Let’s not bring anything past the 90′s into this.

  7. zfan122 says:

    does anyone notice that one of the kids looks like a hoodie version of Shino from naruto XD

  8. SimuLord says:

    @Nanchee76 Only ‘Bron can be LeBron, Nanchee. Kind of a shame not to be BORN in this era.

    (sorry…that was just too easy. :)

  9. bassbymichele says:

    Bill Cosby’s the man!

  10. cater06 says:

    @SmartGuy112233 Well sorry that this cartoon doesn’t meet up with your low class, white trash, inbred expectations. Asshole

  11. SmartGuy112233 says:

    dumbest show ever. niggerz should be banned from makin cartoonz.

  12. ATY9Productions says:

    @Surebro0 no… if anything its quite the opposite… at the end of every episode they have a moral for kids to learn… and ive only seen it a couple times.

  13. Volcanic9 says:

    @Surebro0 no, bill cosby created it

  14. jfefan97 says:

    Actually, one of the kids, Rudy I think his name is, had an electric guitar (it didn’t look like an acoustic). I recently read that Rudy was supposed to be the sort of rich kid.

  15. Surebro0 says:

    was this a racist show
    Just wanted to always know

  16. shmuli9 says:

    Hey Hey Hey! It’s FAT Albert… (how did those Junkyard Kids make thrown away box springs, old lamps, radiators, spoons, and such sound like wah-wah guitars?)

  17. Nanchee76 says:


  18. captainironman14 says:

    nik is that you

  19. darron777 says:

    when me and my friends get high we sing this skipping down the road

  20. tinytoes409 says:

    Looooved this show in the 70′s! …..and I’m a WHITE CHICK!!!! Fat Albert was one of my favorite cartoons as a child. I hated Scoobie Dooo….Bill gonna tell you a thing or two!!! Ha Ha !!! Thanks for the post!!!

  21. sexycooljulesverne says:

    @maythe4orcebwithu you’re visibly upset

  22. bulbaman1 says:

    @sexycooljulesverne Lets see your comment again. “all i learned from this show´╗┐ is that black people come from landfills.” Seems pretty racist to me.

  23. em00becca says:

    @CoolJohnDog calm dowm dude geeezzz

  24. SamyDtheGamer says:

    no dude 40 people need to gain weight.

  25. sexycooljulesverne says:

    @bulbaman1 what did I say that makes me racist? also, why do you think the term black people means african american? also, what did I say implied that black people are unequal to other human breeds? also, what makes you think I am not black?

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