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Fat Albert cartoon opening theme

Hey Hey Hey! This is The Fat Albert cartoon opening theme. Performed by Michael Gray (vocals), Kim Carnes (background vocals) and Michael Fournier (background vocals). This track was recorded in early 70′s. Kim Carnes won the Grammy Awards with “Bette Davis Eyes” (1981).Thanks to gmcorrea for the info. The Cosby kids’ names are Dumb Donald, Weird Harold, Russell, Bill, Bucky, Mush Mouth, and Rudy.
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25 Responses to “Fat Albert cartoon opening theme”

  1. rlanning0927 says:

    fat albert is skinny compared to the average american

  2. elvinee1 says:

    Damn, almost 40 years ago when this came out. I feel old. This and shows like it were so good. Cartoons back then were simply magical.

  3. vaderade says:

    Bill Cosby did the whole thing with a roller and it was excellent!!

  4. Lupton2000 says:

    RIP Michael Gray

  5. CanyonTide says:


  6. Westyrulz says:

    how dey make da paint brush real den cartoon den real agin?

  7. smoke10108 says:

    Too bad I was not born in the year where this show was running then!

  8. bamarine247 says:

    we gonna have a good time!

  9. chipps1963 says:

    Most of anything that’s on tv today is not worth watching. I wouldn’t let my dog or cats watch them. Most of today’s shows aren’t even fit for an animal to watch.

  10. unclefestus says:

    HEY HEY HEY! I TOTALLY remember this.

  11. Getrealpeeps says:

    @Skormorak THEY SUUUUURE DO!!!!

  12. Getrealpeeps says:


  13. stevenscottoddballz says:

    I like the show, but I could NEVER understand “Mush Mouth”!

  14. over9000christian says:

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  15. TobyHalicki089 says:

    I remember Fat Albert reruns as a kid, but cartoons these days are nothing but computer graphics.

  16. littlemssunshine2010 says:

    I love the theme song.

  17. sldl04 says:


    Which is why I don’t watch current TV anymore. My TV watching consists of DVD sets from the 70′s….

  18. headchew says:

    was that orange or blue paint?

  19. xfighter85 says:

    I don’t know whats better, awful card game shows or crappy 13 episode Filmation cartoons with stock laughs and cheap animation techniques.

    You could use the same defense on how cartoons sucked in the 70s if you were a fan of cartoons from the 50′s.

  20. sixstringvoodoo says:

    Background vocals from Kim Carnes??
    A little different than “Bette Davis Eyes”

  21. MrMedusaLvamp says:

    Hey Hey……… Heart disease, diabetis, high blood pressure, Sleep apnia, weak legs, bad knees, weak ankles, skin irritations, rashes, hernias, poor circulation,kidney failure, heart attacks, early death…ect ect ect…have another cheese burger!

  22. wokani says:

    My favorite episode was about “Beggin Benny”.
    “Beggin Benny
    He’ll borrow any thing youve got
    A shoe
    A lamp
    A greasy stamp
    Or a coffee pot…….” LMAO!

  23. TB4000 says:

    This song and the Sanford and Son theme….funkiest songs ever created. Full stop.

  24. pukingcatthemoive says:

    Cartoons these days suck =(

  25. lauranmary says:

    Saturday morning cartoons rocked…me and my brother and cold pizza

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