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Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2

Hey, Hey, Hey!!! Let’s go back to the very beginning of what eventually became classic, American television. Fat Albert and the Cosby kids – The Original Animated Series Vol.2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off with 13-24 episodes broadcast on CBS.

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  1. Kelley A. Bergamo says:

    Review by Kelley A. Bergamo for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
    Although Fat Albert had been on the air four years when I was born, I still enjoyed eight years of it (1976-1984) on Saturday mornings, and even more in syndication. I had forgotten how funny the characters were, especially the way Russell and Rudy used to spout off on each other. This show had a great way of entertaining you and educating you at the same time. Included in this disc set are the following episodes:

    13. Tomboy: Penny, a new girl at school, alienates the gang because she’s so good at sports. Penny meets her match though, when she goes up against Fat Albert in a baking contest.

    14. Stage Fright: The kids try to perform “Moby Dick” in a play contest, but they are all overcome with a severe case of stage fright, and their set ends up hilariously falling to pieces.

    15. The Bully: A bully named Slappy is harassing the kids and surprisingly, it’s the smallest one of them all, Russell, who finds Slappy’s weakness.

    16. Smart Kid: Thurmond, the class genius, will help the kids improve their grades if they will help him improve his athletic skills.

    17. Mister Big Timer: Frainey is a big hit with the gang when he’s constantly showering them with gifts. What no one realizes is that his big brother, Muggles, is a big time drug dealer.

    18. The Newcomer: Dumb Donald’s life is jarred when his parents give him a new baby sister, but then he learns that being a big brother can be a lot of fun.

    19. Dad’s Job: The boys get an eye opener when they learn what their dads do for a living.

    20. Mom and Pop: A new girl at school, Flora, is trying to cope with the divorce of her parents. Fat Albert and the gang help her out by making her “queen of the junkyard” and boosting her spirits.

    21. How the west was Lost: Rudy is so sure he knows everything about Indians, only because he’s seen a slew of Western movies. When Johnny, a Hopi Indian boy joins their class, it helps dispels a lot of stereotypes and rumors about Native Americans.

    22. Sign Off: The gang learns the importance of street signs when a kid named Cool Roy gets his kicks off wrecking signs and spraying ugly grafitti all over town.

    23. The Fuzz: Parker can’t stand the cops or anyone else in uniform, but when he leads the gang into danger at an abandoned amusement park, he finds himself turning to the same men he despises. Fat Albert becomes a real hero in this episode.

    24. Ounce of Prevention: The kids help their friend, Lucius, overcome a drinking problem.

    I definitely reccommend these DVD’s for any Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids fan. The cartoons may be old, but the messages are timeless…

  2. Calatine9 says:

    Review by Calatine9 for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
    If you loved Vol. 1 of the original Fat Albert series, you’re gonna love Vol. 2. Vol. 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, with the same soup mixture of music, comedy, fun, and education. There are no 1984 Cosby intros on here, just the straight up 1970′s Cosby intros, and to my surprise, 6 of these eps contain good ol’ Cos with a beard too. I do remember ‘the bearded Cosby eps’, except Mom Or Pop, I never really seen this ep before ever, but I do remember the rest of them on these DVDs. The one thing that shocked me was that the ‘Ounce Of Prevention’ ep has a song on there, the booklet says that its called, “There’s A Whole Lot Of Fish In The Sea”, but that song is on the ‘Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid’ ep (which will be on Vol. 3 and currently on the Ultimate Collection DVD set too.), maybe they didn’t know what the song title was, but anyway. UrbanWorks and Entertainmet Rights have done an outstanding job on this set, just like Vol. 1, and I hope they keep it up, delivering incredible Fat Albert shows on DVD. I’ll be waiting for the rest of them too.

  3. microjoe says:

    Review by microjoe for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
    We loved this set, released to DVD in 2005. It is volume 2 of what has been 3 volumes so far in the “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Vol. _: The Original Animated TV Series”. This one has the second season, with episodes #13 to #24 as they were originally broadcast on CBS TV. Each volume has 12 episodes, and a bonus audio CD disc that has songs from the episodes on this volume.

    There was a different set in 2004 called the “Ultimate Collection” which kind of randomly chose 20 episodes from across the years for each of 4 volumes, but that set is already out of print. I like this better, as I prefer the early years.

  4. ! MR. KNOW IT ALL ;-b says:

    Review by ! MR. KNOW IT ALL ;-b for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
    Does anyone know what happened to the rest of this series? I bought the first two volumes and then ordered volume 3 and then when the release date came I was told it is unavailable. Anyone know what happened?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Andre M. says:

    Review by Andre M. for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
    This DVD represents the excellent second year of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, the pioneering Black Saturday morning cartoon show that gives smiles of delight to we who were children in the seventies and eighties.

    Some pretty interesting stuff, and quite tough for it’s time (and even THESE times in the era of political correctness) for a show with oung audiences in mind. One episode has our heroes meeting a stink boy named Suede whose body odor turns off everyone, but only Russell has the guts to tell him to his face. Strong stuff for that era. Another deals with a kid who enjoys the presents bought from the money made by his drug dealing brother (curiously, this episode doesn’t deal with the actual anguish of drug abuse itself). Another deals with a vandal, a kid who loves to taunt the police, and another deals with the death of a beloved vaudevillian who entertains the kids named “Uncle Monty.”

    If this stuff sounds grim and depressing, it’s not. Bill Cosby and Filmation studios had a brilliant way of making this kind of material “edutataining,” at least until the shark-jumping post-1979 humorless abominations.

    Be carreful, the Cos and crew are coming at you with music and fun and if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done!

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