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Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Cartoon Intro Theme

In 1969, Bill Cosby and Ken Mundie got together to produce an animated special featuring Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Fat Albert, originally a character brought to life in Cosby’s ’67 record “Revenge”, is a large inner-city African American teen from Philadelphia.
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9 Responses to “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Cartoon Intro Theme”

  1. capus22 says:

    @ladyxyannis The Simpsons

  2. MrHotrodjones says:

    Man that was a funky beat at the begining!

  3. AmazingJames1987 says:

    @ladyxyannis Simpsons, but this one was more upbeat (imo), and a catchy tune

  4. ryan1303a says:

    YOU’RE gay? right

  5. GreenPencil305 says:

    The sound gets cut off at 0:46.

  6. ladyxyannis says:

    This was a cartoon that lasted for 15 years before it went into repeats. Can any other cartoon of today say the same thing? 15 years of no repeats, not just 15 years of being on the air.

  7. yvj66 says:

    definitely was a staple in my household..

  8. marcostaveras123 says:

    hey hey hey your fucken gay

  9. doctorcatsburger says:

    Hey Hey Hey

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