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Far Out Titles

2010 is ten years of Gatecon! Around 2003 the makers of Stargate-SG1 reworked the opening titles for the show and cheezed off a bunch of fans with how crappy they were. I found an old TV theme and produced my own. Proving there’s always a lower place to go.
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6 Responses to “Far Out Titles”

  1. cynvision says:

    I just gotta say, as I remember what I did to make this, that all sounds except the squirrely transport rings and the kawoosh are original to the Far Out Space Nuts titles.

  2. cynvision says:

    Because people made such a fuss about the new titles. This was made for Gatecon 2002 Sekh’s Party Videos.

  3. d4everman says:

    Hahaha! funny!

  4. CKO92 says:

    Weird but funny.

  5. tardiselliot says:

    ow dear god! y??? lmao

  6. NinjaGhostScorpion says:

    This is fucked up.

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