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Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]

Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]

“Tower of Tagot”–While Junior and Barney are on another planet, the beautiful Queen of the Serrians becomes imprisoned high in the Tower of Tagot. “Secrets Of Hexagon”–Junior and Barney get tricked into trading their ship for a mysterious hexagon k

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Price: $ 18.98

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3 Responses to “Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]”

  1. ACJ says:

    Review by ACJ for Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]
    Normally, when I was in school and my classmates spoke enthusiastically about something, I wanted to stay away from it. But I decided to break this rule and watch “Far Out Space Nuts,” and I’m glad. This was the best of Krofft’s later shows, and had some genuine talent both in front of the camera (Bob Denver and Chuck McCann) and behind it (veteran comedy writer Earle Doud and the same Chuck McCann created the show and wrote many of its episodes). A fun show that’s still worth watching.

  2. Ned says:

    Review by Ned for Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]
    George Lucas (yes that Lucas) was a visitor to the set of FOSN in 1975 and got, for one, Chewbacca’s look from the frosty creature in the FOSN opning credits. Chuck McCann reported in a book how his show inspired many of the characters in lUcas’s megahit SW. As for the series acting well Bob Denver was honestly a little better as Gilligan and Dusty and Maynard G. Krebbs than here as Junior. He is not quite as involved in FOSN as he was in his previous shows. But McCann is in top form as the other lost astronaut. Very funny bits in the series specially in one ep when MccAnn reads a comic book (trust me).

  3. movie hound john says:

    Review by movie hound john for Far Out Space Nuts 1 [VHS]
    i found this one on sale at a store that was closeing down and as i remembered this show from when i was a child i bought it for next to nothing. i’m so glad i made that buy because my kids have falling in love with this and the other bob denver shows i’ve shown them. no higher praze for it than we can watch and have fun as a family

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